APC RBC7 Battery Assembly Video

We have gotten a few requests from customers asking us to write up a tutorial on how to properly assemble an APC RBC7 using our RBC7 Battery Kit. This is our first shot at recording and editing a tutorial YouTube video, so please feel free to check it out and give us any feedback or criticism that you may have to help us improve!


RBC7 Battery Assembly Video Transcript


Hi, my name is Richard Price. I am with a company called High-Tech Battery Solutions and today I will be showing you how to assemble your own RBC7 battery pack. 

Before you begin you are going to need a couple tools. You’re going to need a Philips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, and some 3M double sided tape, which we provide for you.

So this is going to be the standard RBC7 battery. First step here is your going to have to disassemble the battery. So we begin by taking the flat head screwdriver and prying off these two plastic covers that are just held on by some double sided tape underneath, so it shouldn’t take to much to get them off.

Now you can see where the fuse and the plug are. First thing we are going to remove is going to be the fuse. You are going to take your Philips head screwdriver and if the bolt is just spinning in there, you can use your flat head screwdriver to stop it from spinning here (with a little leverage).  Now the other one. Remember to keep all the parts that you take off this because you are going to go right back and put them on the new pack. 

Next, you are going to take off the plug the same way you took off the fuse. 

Now that all the parts have been taken off, you just put this aside. It is always recommended that you recycle your old batteries; it is never a good idea to throw them out. 

This is the standard RBC7 battery kit that we sell. It comes with both 12 volt 18 amp hour batteries that you need and it comes with a little bit of double sided tape for you so it will make you’re process a little easier. Special tape we have 3M tape, it is one of the strongest tapes they carry and it’s good to resist heat and age. 

First things first, take one strand of double sided tape put it at the top of the battery. Take another strand put it at the bottom of the battery, you could put one in the middle if you would like but two is actually all it needs because these units typically don’t move around too much. 

Peel off the side of the tape, stand your battery up. 

Now when you sick these two batteries together you want both the terminals facing inwards so you can make the connection like just in the old pack there. Line them up, use your fingers as guides when you are lining them up. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit but it needs to be pretty close in order for the unit door to close. So you push them together give a little pressure there and flip them over. Just put a little bit of you’re body weight on there, a good 10-15 seconds will make the glue solid and stick. Then you can flip it up and you are ready to begin assembling the pack. 

First steps first, I like to put on the fuse last just so you can eliminate any possibility of shorting out the battery when you are putting on the plug. First step I do is put on the plug here, just the way it came off the old battery. You want the eyelet to be behind the terminal and the plastic fuse piece you want facing inwards so when you do put on the cover again it will fit down nice and snug. So get that nice and tight first -t hen you can do the black, by the way black is always going to be negative in this case so it is black to black and red to red. Get that nice and tight there. Use a little bit of leverage if the bolt is spinning. You don’t really have to crank theses down too hard but you want to get them so they not wiggling around so you can get a good connection. 

Then you can flip it over to the other side, now you can put on your fuse. The fuse faces in, it actually sits in the battery like this. So again, both the eyelets are going to be sitting behind the terminals. These are sometimes a little bit tricky to put back in, you might have to wiggle them around a little bit. 

Now that everything is all hooked up, you put your plastic covers back on. First one to go on is going to be the one with the plug. Make sure the wires fit in-between these two groves here so it is nice and flat going into your unit. Mine still had double sided tape on it when I took it off and that was okay but sometimes you are going to have to ad a little extra double sided tape because some of these packs are very old and the tape hasn’t held up well.


Once you press that down you are all set. You have yourself your own RBC7 battery for half the price.