APC SU1000XL Battery Installation Guide


Hello and welcome back to my apc battery installation blog! In this post I will be talking about installing your very own apc replacement battery into the su1000xl APC backups unit.

To begin, the SU1000xl replacement battery is essentially the RBC7 battery cartridge originally manufactured (and named) by American Power Conversion (APC). So before you take your backups unit off the grid, its a good idea to have two (2) ps-12180 batteries on hand in order to quickly construct your RBC7 replacement battery to minimize down time.

The su1000xl battery pack is only accessible from the front of the unit. In order to get to it, you must first remove the plastic face plate (where the indicator lights are) from the front of the unit. Once this is done, you will see a metal latch secured to the frame of the unit by two small steel screws at the very top of the latch which you will need a phillips head screw driver to remove. Once these two screws are removed, the latch can be pulled down. Now do not be alarmed if you need to put a little umph into pulling down the latch, there is the occasional piece of plastic adhesive to hold it up right.

Once the latch is removed, you will be greeted by the rbc7 battery, soon to be the rbc7 replacement battery. To remove the battery, simply slide it out far enough to expose the small anderson clip attached to the back side of the unit. Once this grey plastic clip is removed, the battery can be taken out of the unit and put on your work bench. The battery will have two sets of terminals at each end of the battery which are hidden from view by a black plastic protective cover. I use a flat headed screw driver and remove the two covers to expose the terminals.

When constructing your su1000xl replacement battery, it is very important to copy the old rbc7 battery exactly as it appears. I first use a few strips of double sided tape to hold my two 12 volt 18 amp batteries together and re-use the old wire and fuse from the old rbc7 battery pack. I also like (and recommend) re-attaching the black plastic covers to each side of the battery when you are done adding the components to each side.

When you are finished constructing your rbc7 replacement battery, simply connect the grey anderson plug back into the unit's corresponding plug and button the unit back up. You are now ready to bring the unit back online!



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