What is a motorcycle battery tender?

A motorcycle battery tender is a small, automatic battery charger that turns on and off as needed to keep your motorcycle battery at an optimum charge level. Some of the greatest features include:

  • All motorcycle battery tender units are designed to be left connected to the motorcycle battery for an indefinite amount of time without harming the battery or the electrical components of the bike.
  • A good motorcycle battery tender operates automatically without any monitor requirements from the user.
  • The motorcycle battery charger will usually have a low amperage output between 750 and 1100 milliamps.

Most of the advanced battery tenders on the market are built around a charging algorithm unique to the company - examples of these are Deltran, NOCO, and CTEK.

Why Should You Use a Motorcycle Battery Tender?

There are two primary reasons to use a battery tender for your motorcycle - prevention of parasitic drains and prevention of sulfation build up.

Prevent Parasitic Drains

As motorcycles become more integrated with technology (alarm systems, GPS, diagnostics), some of these systems will continue to draw an extremely small amount of current from the battery when the ignition key is off. Over a long enough period, this will result in a dead battery.

You can counter the dead battery problem through the use of a motorcycle battery tender. The tender will recognized that the battery has been brought below its fully charged voltage and begin charging the unit until it is once again in the green. Then the tender will shut down. The battery tender will repeat this process as needed automatically.

Prevent Sulfation

Many motorcycle owners live in areas where riding is governed by seasons – in which case they would be forced to put their bike in storage. The problem with this in relation to the battery is that it will naturally lose its charge over time. All lead-acid based batteries will naturally self-discharge over time.

Over a span of two to three months, your motorcycle battery has the potential to self-discharge to the point where sulfation begins to build up on the internal plates. This will result in a significant loss of cracking amps and capacity.

If you use a motorcycle battery tender, the battery will be kept in a constantly charged state, and sulfation would not occur.

Popular Motorcycle Battery Tenders

Ready to invest in a motorcycle battery tender, improve the lifespan of your motorcycle battery and the use of your favorite summer ride? Browse our collection of the most popular motorcycle battery tenders.

Deltran Battery Tender Junior 12V Charger

Known as the “trickle charger with a brain,” the battery tender junior will fully charge your motorcycle battery and maintain it at the proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by most other trickle chargers.

NOCO Genius G750 Battery Charger <<-- NOCO has updated this unit to the new GENIUS1 series!

A smart, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer, the NOCO Genius can safely stay connected to your bike 24/7.

CTEK US 0.8 Battery Charger

Offering state-of-the-art technology, the CTEK is perfect for charging smaller 12V batteries, such as those found in motorcycles. And, the CTEK’s unique display allows you to follow the entire 6-step charging process.

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Motorcycle Battery Tender Video

Watch the video below to learn more about the charging cycle of a battery tender. You'll find out exactly what each step does for the battery, and why this battery tender is superior to others on the market.