Power Wheels Charger

6-Volt and 12-Volt Power Wheels Charger

When kids are driving their Power Wheels, the last thing they want to do is stop, especially for a dead battery. Keep your Power Wheel running smooth with High-Tech Battery Solutions’ Power Wheels chargers. We have every Power Wheels charger on the market ready to ship. Our Power Wheels charger inventory is stocked from Fisher Price and is guaranteed to perform to or surpass their OEM ratings. Plus, any Power Wheels charger comes standard with our one-year free replacement warranty. These chargers are optimized for efficient charging and will get your Power Wheel back on the “road” in no time.

Power Wheels Double and Quick Charger

High Tech Battery Solutions is featuring the Power Wheels 12-volt red charger for double capacity and the ultra-fast Power Wheels 12V Quick Charger (00801-1782). The double charger can charge two (2) 6-volt red Power Wheels batteries at once. You will also find other chargers for 6- and 12-volt batteries in grey, red and blue. Mostly weighing 2 lbs., these chargers get the job done quickly, with the
Questions on a Power Wheels battery charger or the Power Wheels 12v battery charger in particular? Contact us via our website or by phone at 1-877-775-4381.