Video Tutorial - How to Fill a Motorcycle Battery


Hi, my name is Richard Price and I am with a company called High-Tech Battery Solutions. Today I wanted to show you have to fill up your own sealed AGM motorcycle battery.

Before we begin there are a couple of precautionary steps that you need to take when dealing with battery acid. The first is that you need to wear some sort of eye protection - weather its prescription glasses or you go out and buy a cheap pair of glass, they are about a $1.50 at the store. You will also need a pair of gloves, so that acid does not touch your skin.

Okay, this is what the battery typically looks like brand new when you buy a sealed AGM motorcycle battery that you have to fill yourself. If you look on the top here you will notice a strip of aluminum that covers up the holes in the battery so that no dust or anything can get into them while they are in transportation.

So the first thing to do here is remove the nuts and bolts from the top of the motorcycle battery and then peel the aluminum strip off. That will expose the holes as you can see, that the acid pack will fit into.

Just take the acid pack out here. This is what it is going to look like, it will be double wrapped, and constructed from hard ballistic plastic. Note the gloves that I am wearing, and the eye protection that you can not see. Okay, the caps for the actual top of the motorcycle battery are going to be right on the top of the acid pack, so you can just take that off. Now your going to see a little bit more aluminum on the top here (of the acid pack) - that is going to be puncture when we line it up with these holes and apply pressure. So you just line it (the acid pack) up with the holes of the motorcycle battery, tilt it up here and put a little bit of pressure on it.

It will start filling itself here as you can see the bubbles, this could take up to about ten minutes or so. I just recommend leaving it sit here or if you would like to hold it up, its your call. Once this is done filling we will put the caps on the battery to seal it up, I will show you this step in just a second.

Okay we have just skipped ahead a bit here for you because it does take a bout ten minutes for that to fill up. The next and last step here is to attach the caps to the top of the battery. As you can see this is a plastic pressure fit design. We are just going to line it up with the holes of the motorcycle battery here and apply a little bit of pressure to the first one - then the second one, and continue all the way down the line. Do not push it all the way in, get the cap just about half way in and keep going down the line so that they all fit in. Once you have set them up, just apply enough pressure here (to push them down completely) and bam - your all set.