Instructional Articles: What’s Wrong with Your Power Wheels Battery?

Answers to common questions about Power Wheels batteries, including:
  • Which battery do I need?
  • Why is my battery not holding a charge?
  • How can I tell if my battery is bad?
  • How do I test the battery?
  • How do I use a volt meter?
Start with the Power Wheel Battery Maintenance Guide.

A majority of Power Wheel owners receive on average between one and two years worth of service life from their Power Wheels Battery. This is about half of the life potential that these batteries are manufactured for! The trick is in the off-season maintenance. Throughout this article, I will be discussing some major pitfalls to avoid, as well as key steps that you can take to pro-long the life of your Power Wheels battery - simply by using your....Read the Power Wheel Battery Maintenance Guide