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Simply one of the most popular and reliable batteries for racing teams, audiophiles, and everyday drives. XS Power batteries are known and noted for their ability to provide high-cranking amps and deep discharge capabilities! XS batteries are also lighter and more compact than traditional lead-acid batteries, making them versatile enough for auxiliary and starting needs. They are ideal for anyone looking for exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity.


      Using patented advanced battery tech, its AGM design, and pure lead construction ensures superior performance in the harshest, most extreme conditions. Specifically designed to deliver maximum power output while maintaining stable voltage levels under heavy loads.

It doesn't matter if you're a racer pushing your vehicle to the max or just seeking a reliable battery for your everyday driver, XSPower offers exceptional power output, long life expectancy, and maintenance-free operation.

      XS-Power batteries are engineered to endure the harshest, most extreme conditions without compromising performance.

XS Power offers:

Powersport Batteries - Audio Auxillary Batteries - Standalone Starting Batteries - Lithium Batteries - Supercapacitors


XS Power offers a range of starting batteries designed to provide superior performance and reliability for high-performance vehicles. These batteries are built with advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology that offers exceptional power delivery, longer life, and faster recharge.
XS Power starting batteries come in various group sizes to fit the most popular vehicle models. They offer higher cranking amps (CA) than OEM batteries, ensuring reliable starts even in cold weather conditions. XS Power car batteries also have lower internal resistance than traditional lead-acid batteries, which means they can deliver more power with less waste or heat generation.
One of the critical features of the XS car battery is its ability to handle high electrical loads without any voltage drops or performance issues. XS Power starting batteries also feature durable construction and maintenance-free operation. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations commonly encountered in racing environments. The XS line is maintenance-free, unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that need regular fluid checks and top-offs. These batteries will act as a drop-in replacement for your current starting battery, giving you the advantage of a premium starting battery designed to last with high performance.


XS Power offers a wide range of batteries and accessories for audio systems. To find the correct subwoofer battery or amplifier battery, customers should first determine whether they need an upgrade to their existing starting battery or an auxiliary battery. The next step will be determining if you have the space to fit a new battery in your audio system. Once these factors have been determined, the final step will be to check your audio system's total wattage draw. With that metric, we can find a suitable car audio battery replacement!
Sometimes you will see that your high-powered amplifier is draining your starting car battery, which means you'd need an auxiliary unit that would work as your secondary battery to power your system alone. These dramatic drains can start causing voltage drops and potentially damaging the system and your vehicle's electronics. This audio battery will be a trustworthy backup power source without harming or draining your main starting battery. When selecting an XS car battery, it's essential to consider its capacity (measured in amp-hours), chemistry, size, weight, and compatibility with the vehicle's charging system. It should also be able to handle the power demands of the audio system and provide enough reserve capacity for extended use.



A supercapacitor, also known as an ultracapacitor or electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), is an energy storage device that stores and releases energy quickly. Unlike traditional batteries, which store chemical energy in electrochemical reactions, supercapacitors store energy by separating positive and negative charges across their electrodes. This allows them to charge and discharge much faster than batteries and makes them ideal for applications where quick bursts of power are needed, such as in high-wattage audio systems or electric vehicles. The super banks are incredibly lightweight, can produce tremendous power, and recharge extremely fast. Superbanks are used as a secondary battery option in cars with high wattage subs and help to eliminate voltage drops when they hit.


The XS Power battery is designed to provide superior performance and reliability for high-performance vehicles and audio systems.


  • Features virgin lead, which is 99.99% pure and performs better than recycled information used in most other batteries.

  • The design offers longer life, vibration resistance, and deep cycle capability and can be mounted in nearly any position (except upside down.)

  • Up to two to three times the cranking power of flooded batteries of equal size.

  • Rigorously tested to withstand vibrations and can be installed safely inside trunks or hatch areas without fear of leaks or damage.

  • With a 10-year design life, XS Power Batteries are built to last and endure more than 1000 discharge/recharge cycles depending on the average depth of discharge.

  • Long lifespan: XS Power starting batteries are built to last. They are made with high-quality materials and components, and a comprehensive warranty backs them.



The XS Power D-Series batteries are the perfect choice for intense racing applications and your everyday driver, designed to meet all demanding power needs, built with a patented cylindrical design allowing for improved thermal management systems. The XS Power D Series includes models ranging from 600 up to 6000 maximum cranking amps! These batteries offer extreme vibration resistance and provide reliable charging in harsh environments and with units boasting up to a 7500 max watt rating, delivering exceptional performance with more significant current draws during hard acceleration or competition-level SPL sound systems.


The XS Power D Series offers users multiple mounting options regardless of space size constraints while offering the power needed for today's vehicle's demands on competition sound equipment.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction
Pure lead grid design
Leak-proof design
Shock and vibration resistant
Long life and durability
Available in a variety of sizes and capacities
Three Year Limited warranty

Car Audio
Commercial vehicles
Marine applications
Off-road vehicles
Solar power systems

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When your seeking the upper echelon of premium battery power for your audio and automobile applications, look no further then XS-Power! These aren’t your standard AGM and Lithium batteries the cranking power of the XS Power line of batteries can be up to two to three times the power of a standard flooded battery of equal size, these units are sealed maintenance free and can be used without sacrificing life expectancy for performance. High-Tech Battery Solutions offers the full array of XS Power products including AGM and Lithium audio auxiliary, starting batteries, capacitors, AGM Power Supplies, installation kits and more!

XS Power batteries are one of the number one choices among professional racing teams, audiophiles, and everyday drivers worldwide. Their exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity make them ideal for high-performance vehicles requiring reliable power delivery in extreme conditions. Whatever your power needs, XS Power Batteries offer extreme power output and increased life expectancy without compromising quality or safety.