CTEK US 7002 Charger FAQ (56-353)


Question: What is the clicking sound after its reached fully charged mean?

Answer: The clicking sound is an internal relay in the charger and is perfectly normal. If the unit continuously clicks non-stop when the battery is fully charged there may be an issue with the relay.

Question: The error LED is lit, why?
Answer: 1. Reverse Polarity - Make sure that the + clamp is connected to the + terminal and the - clamp is connected to the - terminal of the battery. If you have the negative connection grounded out to the frame of the vehicle try connecting it to the negative of your battery instead. 2. Bad Fuse - There is a fuse in the battery clamps that if blown will cause the error LED to blink on the 7002 model. 3. For older chargers pre 2014 the error mode will flash when only the plug is connected.

Question: I have no LED lights on when the charger is plugged into the wall outlet, why?
Answer: One of the LED's at the lower row should light up when the charger is connected to the power outlet. Make sure that they power outlet itself is actually working, if it is then there may be an issue with the charger itself - try the 7002 on a different outlet to verify.

Question: No LED's are lit on the top row when the charger is connected to both the power outlet and the battery, why?
Answer: The battery voltage could be under 2 volts. Try to charge the battery in Supply mode for approximately 5 minutes and then try switching the charger back to its standard charge mode.

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