Trouble Shooting: NOCO G7200 Battery Charger

The NOCO G7200 charger will notify the user of any error type situation using advanced diagnostics. Advanced diagnostics is a fancy term for a series of blinking LED lights in sequences that allows you to identify the cause of the error and possible remedies for your situation. All error conditions are displayed with the error LED and standby LED flashing back and forth - both of these LEDs are highlighted in the illustration below.
NOCO Battery Charger
  1. Single Flash Error: The battery will not hold a charge. This type of error typically means that the battery you are attempting to charge is unrecoverable and should be taken in to get load tested by a professional.
  2. Double Flash Error: There is a potential internal short in the battery itself. When a battery has an internal short you should remove the G7200 charger immediately. Internal shorts in batteries can lead to excessive heat buildup and thermal runaway. It is highly recommended that you not attempt to charge this battery and take it to a professional to have it tested.
  3. Triple Flash Error: A series of three LED flashes on the charger indicates that the battery voltage is too high for the selected charge mode. You need to double check the charge setting you have selected on the G7200 and make sure it matches the battery your attempting to charge.
  4. Solid Red Warning LED: A solid red LED light shown specifically at the warning LED position will indicate that there is a case of reverse polarity. You will need to reverse the battery connections
  5. Solid Orange Warning LED: Indicates that the battery voltage is too low for NOCO G7200 charger to detect that its actually hooked up to a battery.

Tip! Solid Orange LED Error

Most of our customers experiencing this issue typically have a battery that has been sitting untouched for a few years, or a battery that has been completely drained in an application that has no low voltage cutoff feature. The NOCO G7200 charger has a “hidden” feature that will allow you to attempt to charge any battery regardless of the voltage level.

This feature is called the supply mode which can be activated by pressing and holding the mode button on your G7200. This will turn your NOCO G7200 charger into a power supply that will generate 13.6 volts with a constant 5 amp output regardless of what its hooked up to. Using the NOCO G7200 charger in supply mode on any battery with extremely low voltage will begin charging it regardless of its condition.


The supply mode on the NOCO G7200 charger is considered a ‘dumb’ mode for the unit. There is no automatic shut off or active monitoring of the state of charge of the battery its hooked up to therefore it is extremely important to time the use of this feature. We typically recommend that the battery be completely removed from the application with nothing attached to the battery. The duration of use for this feature should be for a few hours at a time (3-5). After this duration of time you should remove the charger and set it back into its standard 12V charge settings by hitting the mode button. Once the charger is back into its regular smart charging mode you can then hook it back up to the battery and see if this clears the orange LED error light.

If your having trouble with your NOCO G7200 charger that falls outside of this trouble shooting guide then head over to our contact us section to get help directly from our staff.