Installing the RBC7 Battery Into the Smart-UPS DLA1500

This APC battery installation guide will focus on replacing the battery in the Smart-UPS DLA1500 unit. This particular unit is one of the more popular mid-sized units that we see come through the shop. The DLA1500 battery replacement requires two 12V 18AH sla batteries that are joined together to make the APC RBC7 battery pack. In this article, I will give detailed instructions on how to properly replace the APC DLA1500 battery.

Tools That Will Be Needed To Remove the spent DLA1500 Battery

  • Philips Head Screw Driver
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Two (2) 12V 18ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Before we begin the process of removing the spent RBC7 battery from the unit, you should shut the unit down and remove any accessories that are attached to the unit. I understand that this can sometimes be tedious, but this is by far the safest method in the long run!

Removing the Spent RBC7 Battery

In order to gain access to the Smart-UPS DLA1500 battery compartment, you will need to remove the front face cover of the UPS. The way that works best for me is to take the flat head screw driver and use it to separate the face plate from the unit. This allows me to then just use my hands and remove the face plate the rest of the way (to avoid scratches). Once the face plate is off, you will see the metal latch that secures the battery compartment. On the metal door there are two small screws at either end of the top corners that need to be removed via the Philips screw driver. Once these are removed, you can then push the metal door down to reveal the old APC RBC7 battery.

To remove the RBC7 battery from the DLA1500 battery compartment, you will need to slide the battery far enough out of the unit to gain access to the grey anderson clip that connects the battery to the DLA1500. Once the two clips are separated, you can completely remove the spent DLA1500 battery from the unit. Now it's time to install your new RBC7 battery and get on your way.

Installing the New Smart-UPS DLA1500 Battery Replacement

In order to replace the old battery, you will need to assemble your own APC RBC7 battery. You can read this article - Assembling the RBC7 Battery, for a full guide. For the sake of this article, I will assume that you have your replacement RBC7 battery ready to go.

To install the new DLA1500 battery replacement, you must first connect the grey anderson clip of your new RBC7 battery to the DLA1500. Once the clip is connected you can then push the battery the entire way into the battery compartment and pull the metal latch up. After pulling the latch up into place, re-insert the two Philips head screws decently tight (do not crank them down) and re-attach the face plate of the unit. Once the unit is back in working order, plug it into the wall to initiate its self-test mode and you're all set!