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Power Storage Solutions provides multiple options for telecom battery backup systems. The battery lines include VRLA, virgin lead, and pure lead batteries designed specifically for your UPS, Data Center or Critical Power applications. Each battery line delivers high-power discharge rates, long battery life and value for your specific needs. Power Storage MQ Lines, MX, and MX+ offer distinctive benefits to meet your needs for runtime, performance, longevity, power and price.


What is a VRLA Battery?

VRLA AGM batteries stand for valve regulated lead-acid and are commonly referred to as sealed lead acid batteries. This type of battery is a sealed recumbent design that uses finely woven fiberglass mesh separators to absorb the electrolyte and separate the cells of the battery.

The fiberglass seperators saturated in electrolyte allow for maximum surface exposure for chemical reactions to happen within the battery. The sealed design allows for gasses produced by the charging and discharging of the battery to return to electrolyte form and be re-used providing a longer service life.


Pure Lead & Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology

Pure lead and thing plate pure lead (TPPL) technology is the next evolution of the VRLA battery. Batteries manufactured using these methods use lead with a 99% purity rating which translates into a considerable boost in energy density and the discharge characteristics.

TPPL battery systems will typically have less overall batteries in the system due to higher performance rating  leading to a decrease in floor space, maintenance costs, and replacement costs. TPPL technology also leads to a doubling of battery shelf life and an increase in service life. 


The MQ line from Power Storage is part of their flag ship high-rate VRLA UPS battery series. The MQ line is manufactured using virgin lead plates with gravity casted grids to give the battery excellent cycling capabilities along side a long service life. 

The MX line is an upgrade from their original MQ line. This mono block battery series is manufactured using thin plate pure lead technology which allows secure discharges down to the 2 minute mark. This advancement in battery technology offers extreme performance in critical applications where space is constrained. 

Introducing the GX battery series from Power Storage, an all front terminal UPS and telecom line manufactured using pure lead. Pure lead AGM battery technology offers benefits above and beyond the standard VRLA batteries such as longer service life, higher energy densities, and a doubling of shelf life.