The NorthStar Battery Manufacturing Process


Established in 2000, NorthStar has become a worldwide leader in Pure Lead AGM battery manufacturing. Roughly 1,500,000 Pure Lead batteries are made right here in the United States at their state of the art automated plant located in the state of Missouri. NorthStar employs some 600 people worldwide with distribution centers spread globally in nearly every continent. The entire Missouri manufacturing facility incorporates advanced robotics and computer-controlled technology to ensure throughout the entire process that consistency and reliability are delivered with each unit.

NorthStar's primary goal is to make products that last longer than other Pure Lead battery manufacturer on the market while best serving the environment and consumers through achieved efficiency, innovative technology and premium quality materials. Industries that NorthStar productions focus on include; grid specific telecom sites, UPS data backup systems, heavy duty industrial equipment and municipal automotive applications. They also carry marine and engine start batteries with the consumer in mind. NorthStar's Pure Lead AGM batteries are designed for the most demanding consumer usage applications and extreme environments.


A transcript of NorthStar's Official video can be found below:

"In today’s high-tech world, reliable power is a necessity for our daily lives. NorthStar battery is the industry leader in producing premium, high performance lead acid batteries. Delivering reliable power wherever its needed. NorthStar’s innovative batteries are used in telecom power systems, uninterruptible power supplies and engine start applications in more than 120 countries worldwide. NorthStar batteries are made from premium components to provide longer life and superior reliability to operate in even the harshest environments. No matter what your power source your project relies on, NorthStar has a battery specifically designed to keep you up and running. I think if you look at NorthStar when we started the company, we had a pretty simple goal which was to build the best batteries we could build and manufacture the most efficient and environmentally sensitive way we can. We put together a team of engineers that really took a hard look at everything in the industry we put the right people, the right technology, the right environmental systems together all aimed at making the most efficient lead acid batteries in the world. All premium NorthStar batteries are manufactured in the united states at state of the art facilities designed to meet strict environmental requirements. We are a lead acid battery manufacturer so we’re dealing with lead which is a heavy metal, so its very important that when we’re dealing with that, we deal with it in the most socially responsible way we can. We put in the right systems, we put in the right people, we put in the right processes to make sure that whatever we do the environment is better for it. NorthStar batteries are produced using premium construction materials and the latest automated robotics technology. We’ve taken this technology and basically updated the manufacturing processes and level of automation to take it to a new level. Whether you need power on the road, on the job, or on demand, the choice is clear with exceptional performance and lower environmental impact, NorthStar batteries deliver the power you need."

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