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One of our priority areas is to make sure we offer batteries that have been engineered using advanced technology so as to optimize your battery life cycle. This means you’ll benefit from efficient energy consumption and longer service life for your mobility scooter.

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There are a couple ways to insure you’re getting the right mobility scooter battery. First you can check the model of your mobility scooter and make sure that corresponds with the proper scooter battery replacement kit. Next, we would suggest double checking the part number on your current set of battery replacements. This can be found by either checking the owners manual or directly on the front face of the battery will reveal it’s: voltage, amp rating and part number. Make sure the battery you’re replacing matches the information to exiting battery set.

To determine what battery chemistry is correct for your eWheels mobility scooter, you’ll need to locate the battery part number, which can be found in the owners manual or on the battery itself. Typically the battery will state the chemistry of the unit on the front face, if there are two or more individual batteries in the battery box, stating on them SEALED LEAD ACID. You can be assured that is a AGM mobility scooter battery. Although, if the battery is a single block, stating Li or LiFe-P04m that will let you know that you’d need to replace a Lithium mobility scooter battery.

While we can’t give an exact estimate, there are too many determinant factors, however, With proper maintenance and care we see that typically about two to four years on average is the usual lifespan for mobility scooter batteries. To maximize the lifespan, make sure to keep the battery charged and maintained. Also, stored in a room temperature environment and charged at least once a month when not in use.

One-Year Free Replacement Warranty: We strive to offer products that uphold the highest quality standards. However, should you encounter any issues or defects with our battery pack within a year, we're here for you! Simply reach out to us for a free replacement.

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Absolutely! Our electric scooter battery replacement kits often come with an option for a high-capacity upgrade, directly detailed within the product descriptions for your convenience. These upgraded versions are designed to enhance your scooter's performance by providing longer range and increased durability, ensuring you get the most out of your rides.

If you're interested in exploring these upgraded electric scooter batteries or have specific needs for your scooter, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Available via chat, our knowledgeable reps are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect battery upgrade!