Makita 18V 3.5AH Hi-Capacity Cross Reference Guide

The Makita 18V 3.5AH is our aftermarket replacement for the OEM Makita battery. The advantages that our batteries offer are superior run-time along side the use of better quality Panasonic lithium cells. Your original charger will be compelety compatible with this new high-capacity version as well. Each Makita battery replacement that we sell comes complete with a free one year warranty from the date of delivery.

Below is a comprehensive list of the Makita tools that this battery will work with. Please keep in mind that this list may not contain every single Makita lithium tool out on the market, we have done our best to collect feedback and resources regarding the entire Makita line. If you do not see your model on here, but it does require the Makita 18V lithium battery then there is a good chance that we will be able to help you out. If this is the case please give us a call toll free at 1-877-775-4381, or shoot us an email via the contact us tab up above in the main navigation panel.

Fits Makita Tool Model No's:

BFR 452RFE 182X 061Z 253F 454DZ H01C1 PT
201 550F 452SHE 182Z 63 253RFE 458DRFX H01Z 351D
201Z 550L 452Z BJS 063F 253Z 458DZ H3Z 351DRF
BCL 550RFE 453 101RFE 063Z 450 HR H5 351DZK
180 550Z 453RFE 130 BTP 450F 202D LXS SC
180F 750 453RHE 130F 140 450FX1 202DRFX F01 162DRF
180W 750F 453RHEX 130RFE 140F 450RFE 202DZX F01Z1 TD
180ZW 750L 453SHE 130Z 140RFE 450X 242DRFX L01 140D
BCL 750RFE 453Z 161 140Z 450Z 242DRFXV L01Z 144D
182 750Z 454 161F 141 450ZX HS L01Z1 144DRFX
182Z BPJ 454F 161RFE 141RFX2 450ZX1 630DRFX LXT 144DZ
BCS 140 454RFE 161Z 141Z 451 630DRFXW P01 145DRFX
550 180 454ZZ BML BTD
550S BGA 456RFE 184 140 350 630DZW P01Z1 145DRFXP
550RFE 402RFE 456RFE3 185 140RFE 350F JR LXP 145DRFXW
550Z 402Z 456RFWX 185W 140SFE 350Z 120D H05Z 146DRFP
BDA 452 456Z 186 140Z 450 120DRF K01 146DRFX
350 452F 458 800 141 450F 120DZK K01Z 146DRFXB
350F 452RFE BJV 801 141Z 450RFE 182DRF K01Z1 146DRFXL
350RFE 452Z 180 BPT 142HW 450Z 182DZX ML 146DRFXW
350Z BGD 180F 351 142RHE 850 JV 184 146DZ
351 800 180RF 351RFE 142SHE 850F 180DRF 185 147DRFX
351RFE 800RFE 180RFE 351Z 142Z 850Z KP 800 147DZ
351Z 800Z 180Z BST 144 CF 180DRF 801 251DRFX
BFS 801 BHR 221F 144RFE 201DZ 180DZ MR 251DZ
450 801RFE 202 221RFE 144Z 201DZW LXC 50 TL
450F 801Z 202F 221X 145RFE CL V02X 100 061DRF
450RFE BP 202RFE 221Z 145Z 180FD V02Z1 100W TM
450Z 8180 202RFE3 BTM 146D 180FDRW LXF MUH
451RFE 8180F 202RFWX 50 146RFE 180FDZW D01 263DRF TP
451Z 8180Z 202Z 50RFE 146SHE 182FD D01CW 263DZ 140DRFX
BDF BO 240 50Z 146Z 182FDRFW D01Z 401DRF 141DRFX
450 180D 240Z 50ZX5 147 D LXW 401DZ 141DZ
451 180DRF 241 BSS W251Z 145DRFX T01 461DRF TW
451RFE 180DZ 241F 501 BVC
DA T01Z 461DZ 251
451Z BHS 241RFE 501F 350Z 350RDF LXD MUM
452 630RFE 241Z 501RF1 BVF DF G01 168DRF 450DRFX
452RFE 630Z 242RFE 501Z 154RF 454D G01Z 168DZ UB
452RHE BJN 242RFEV 610 BUB 454DRFX G01Z1 181DRF 182D
452SHE 161 242Z 601F 182 454DZ T01 181DZ 182DRF
452Z BLS 243RFEV 610RF 182F 458DRFX T01Z1 MUS 182DZ
453RHE 713RFE 243Z 610RFE 182Z 458DZ T01Z1 104DSH 183D
GA T04Z 104DZ UC
453Z 50 181 610XE 122RFE 402DRF T04Z1 154DSH 122D
454F BHP 181F 610Z BTW 402DZ T06Z 154DZ 122DRF
454RFE 450 181RF 611F 251 GD LXL PB VC
454Z 451 181RFE 611X 251F 800DRF C01 108D 350D
456RFE 451RFE 181X 611Z 251FX1 800DZ C01Z 108DRFX 350DRF
456Z 451SFE 181X1 BTL 251RFE HP C01Z1 108DZ 350DZ
458 451Z 181Z 061 251X 451RFE M01W 180DRFX VR
  452 182 061F 251ZX1 454D LXP PJ 350D
  452HW 182F 061RFE 253 454DRFX H01 180DRF 350DRFX