Diagrams and Documents for NorthStar

NorthStar is a superior battery with outstanding statistics to back them up. By including only premium quality materials and innovative manufacturing, NorthStar is able to produce reliable power throughout the production of their Pure Lead Acid technology. Effective and durable batteries designed for the most extreme conditions should come with effective information to best demonstrate their quality. In this article, we will answer in detail any possible questions regarding NorthStar AGM battery line and the Pure Lead products they have to offer. 
Technical Specifications and Data proves that NorthStar is the industry leader in Pure Lead AGM batteries. We have collected numerous articles and diagrams in order to provide a supplemental knowledge of NorthStar's Pure Lead battery model lines. 
Looking for product specs or literature on the NorthStar AGM battery? You should be able to find anything pertaining to the Pure Lead batteries we sell below. 
In what certain weather conditions or application environments can NorthStar batteries be used?
  • The markets that are specifically targeted for these batteries include but are not limited to Consumer Automotive, High Performance Automotive, Commercial Industries, Government Vehicles, Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment, Marine or Boat use, and Municipalities needing a reliable, superior quality AGM battery replacement.

What type of charger can I use to charge a NorthStar battery?
  • Official from NorthStar is a list of approved or acceptable chargers by brand that will safely charge a battery.
What is the shelf life or rate of discharge for AGM batteries?
  • The discharge rate for the typical battery depends upon the purity level of the lead contained within the battery unit. For example, recycled lead acid batteries will discharge more quickly than a pure lead acid battery due to the lack of lead count or composition of the lead within. Simply put, pure lead AGM batteries last much longer which translates to less need of replacement.
What happens when a Pure Lead AGM Battery sulfates?
  • Pure Lead batteries sulfate at a lower or lighter rate than traditional flooded batteries due to design features of the higher compression of Absorbed Glass Mat batteries and higher surface ratios. Still avoid leaving any AGM battery in a discharge state.
Do Pure Lead AGM batteries have to be separated differently for recycling?
  • There are no additional or special needs to properly recycle a NorthStar Pure Lead AGM battery. Recycle as if it were a typical SLA or AGM battery at your nearest designated lead recycling facility or location.
Were you wondering how NorthStar's Pure Lead AGM Batteries get shipped to a location? 
  • All batteries are approved as non-hazardous cargo for FedEx and UPS transport via air, ground and sea. 
  • NorthStar is registered based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
  • The Thin Plated Pure Lead AGM technology ensures that no acid leaking or hazardous materials get spilled from the battery should a rupture of the battery housing somehow occur.
Want to know more about the safety of AGM technology or engine start batteries by NorthStar?
  • Safety should be the number one concern for anyone handling AGM batteries. 
  • MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets are required for each product produced at NorthStar. 

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