Eco-friendly and Sustainable Batteries

NorthStar believes in delivering premium quality products though incredibly efficient means. In the big picture of things, NorthStar's Pure Lead thin plate design allows for the maximum potential surface area for acid to react enabling a greater cold cranking amp capacity. This feature allows for a longer lasting and absolute least cost of ownership battery.

Factors for environmentally stable and sustainable production:
  1. Robotic Assembly enforces consistent, low cost, efficient and short lead time production.
  2. Each NorthStar production facility contains a special subterranean layer designed to contain and prevent pollution to the surrounding ecosystem.
  3. Advanced engineering in plastic housing prevents from the possibility of hazardous spills in harsh environments and constant heavy duty applications.
  4. Maximum contact surface space through thin plate technology allows for longer shelf life, slower self discharge times and overall increase in life longevity of batteries.

Further in-depth information pertaining to the NorthStar Pure Lead battery difference can be found on our NorthStar Resource Center. If you have any questions about NorthStar or AGM batteries, please feel free to call us toll free today at 1-877-775-4381.

High-Tech Battery Solutions is a distributor for the full line of NorthStar AGM Batteries.