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Positive and Negative Plates - Positive and negative plates consist of active mass and a lead-calcium alloy grid structure

Retainer - Unwoven glass fiber cloth is an ideal material for use in electrolyte retention due to its high oxidation and heat resistance. This material offers superior electrolyte absorption and retaining ability, as well as satisfactory ion conductivity.

Safety Valve - The safety valve opens when there is an abnormal increase in internal pressure caused by overcharging or misusage. The gas is released from the battery to return the pressure back to normal.

Container and covers - The container and covers are made of ABS or PP resin, with superior strength and acid resistance characteristics. The container and covers are sealed to prevent electrolyte and gas leakage.




The CSB EVX series is a modern hi-tech energy application CSB battery series specifically designed for electric vehicles such as golf carts, wheelchairs, mowers and dust collectors. The batteries are medium-sized, lightweight and deep-cycle units that can be used for up to 400 cycles at 100% discharge or five years of standby service.


The CSB EVX series features VRLA technology and has many advantages such as maintenance-free use in safe surroundings, the ability to be placed in most orientation, a special formula lead calcium alloy that reduces gassing, high reliability, low self-discharge rate, cycle use capability with high-rate discharge construction and deep discharge recoverability. These batteries are also tested using a patented computer charge/discharge system for quality assurance. Making this series one of the best high rate options for mobilty and powerchairs available.

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The CSB UPS series of batteries is the latest in wafer-thin plate technology, providing superior high rate performance and a design life of up to 5 years in standby service. With an innovative VRLA design, these batteries offer 20% greater power density than standard high-rate batteries, making them smaller and lightweight without sacrificing performance. In your Uninterruptible Power Supply applications.


The UPS series patented lead plate formula ensures greater conductivity, while their proprietary electrolyte additives provide superior high-rate discharge capability. The series can be mounted in any orientation, has a low self-discharge rate, and features a no-spill design for added safety and convenience. These advanced batteries are ideal for applications such as emergency lighting, security & alarms, UPS power supply, workstation UPS's, fire alarms & security systems, communications & electrical equipment, office computers & OA equipment, robots & control equipment, portable measuring equipment and cameras & photographic equipment.

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Designed primarily for Telecom applications the CSB TPL Battery Series is a high-performance, front terminal VRLA battery for installation into 19” and 23” relay racking systems. TPL batteries are created to be both high rate discharge and deep cycle capable with deep discharge recovery capabilities, making it an ideal choice for both stable and unstable grid systems.



The TPL series offers heavy duty batteries with capacties of over 100 amps minimum. The units come in the 12V variety at an 8 hour-rate, and all are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free. It features a smaller volume and lightweight construction with a design life up to 12 years in standby service.

The TPL series unique safety features such as isolated seal allows the battery to be installed horizontally, vertically or sideways without affecting its safety or function. Additionally, the container material can be frame retardant ABS or PP with ranking UL 94V-0 by model. This series is perfect for telecommunications applications, providing more flexible installation and maintenance, as well as reducing installation space, time and maintenance costs.

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