APC RBC32 Battery Assembly Video

I apologize for the long lead time on the APC RBC32 battery assembly video, we have just been crazy busy the past few weeks here at the shop. A customer dropped off an old depleted APC RBC32 battery pack and left it with us over the weekend to rebuild, so we decided that it was time to make our official RBC32 battery assembly video.


APC RBC32 Battery Assembly Video Transcript



Hello everyone, my name is Richard Price and I am with a company called High-Tech Battery Solutions. Today I will be showing you how to assemble your own APC RBC32 battery pack using the kit shown here on our web site. 

There are two items in particular that will make this assembly quick and easy for you. The first is a small knife, and the second will be some packing tape used in the final steps.

The first thing we need to do is dis-assemble the old APC RBC32 battery by cutting the tape that holds it together with our small knife. 

Alright - once the tape has been cut, we can now remove the batteries from the RBC32 wiring harness

The easiest way to begin is to tilt the first battery up and remove the yellow (positive) wire first, and then our negative (or black wire).

This is what the very top of the wiring harness of the RBC32 battery looks like. The yellow wire that runs across the top here jumps the two batteries together to make a large 24 volt battery. This is the positive connection here, and the negative is our black wire here. The negative an positive of the RBC32 tie together in the final plug. 

The best way to remove the bottom battery is to lift up on the grey plastic wiring harness  to expose the terminal connections. A quick trick here is to pull back on the yellow wire to disconnect it from the negative terminal and then tilt the plastic up further to remove the positive.

Okay, so we have your recently purchased APC RBC32 battery kit here and its time to re-assemble our pack. Make sure the wires in the exposed side of the harness are pushed in place, this is the side that we will be connecting first - this side will come last. 

The first step here is to attach the black wire to the negative terminal of your battery, and then the yellow to the costive. Then we push down a wiggle the grey plate until. Once thats done we are ready to attach the last battery to the very top.  

The easiest way to do this is to bend the wire connectors back a bit to give you an small angle. Flip the battery up and aline the wires with the terminal of your last battery. Once they are alined you can slide it down to make the connection.

The last step of this assembly is to secure the batteries to the wiring harness by applying a few pieces of tape to either side of the pack. 

And now you have just assembled your own APC RBC32 battery pack.