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CSB is a leading global manufacturer of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries who’s products are utilized in over 100 countries for telecommunications, UPS, solar, wind power, emergency lighting, and security applications.

CSB is known around the globe for its consistant quality and performance as well as pushing the boundaries of VRLA batteries through rigorous R&D and co-ops with research institutions. High-Tech battery has been a CSB battery distributor for over 10 fantastic years.



CSB Battery manufactures the TPL line which stands for Telecom Power and Long Life. This series is a high performance front terminal VRLA battery designed for installation into 19” and 23” relay racking systems.

The TPL battery is designed to be both a high rate discharge and deep cycle capable with deep discharge recovery making this a solid option for both stable and unstable grid systems.




The front terminal line is designed for UPS racks that are compact and vertical with many shelves. Front terminal batteries are typically on the longer side (15"+) and very thin.

CSB’s front terminal telecommunications battery line ranges from 100 to 204AH and boasts up to a 12 year design life.

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CSB TPL 121000 - 12V 100AH Front Terminal AGM battery. CSB's most popular 12V 100AH UPS series battery, this unit is designed for a long service life with deep discharge recovery and high rate discharge capabilities.

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CSB TPL 121600 - 12V 160AH Front Terminal AGM battery. Desinged with a 12+ year expected life span, this unit is a high rate output power house with deep dicharge recoverability.

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CSB TPL 121800 - 12V 180AH Front Terminal AGM battery. This is the largest capacity front terminal battery offered by CSB with all the benefits of their TPL line.