APC RBC43 Battery Kit or the ABC RBC43 Battery Cartridge?

I think its about time that we sat down and really took a good shot at explaining this to our customers. The product in question here is the APC RBC43 battery pack which is a required battery replacement in the following units.

  • SUA2200RM2U, SUA2200RMI2U, SUA3000RM2U, SUA3000RMi2U, SUA3000RMT2U, SUM1500RMXL2U, SUM1500RMXLI2U, SUM3000RMXL2U, SUM3000RMXLI2U, SUM48RMXLBP2U, DLA2200RMI2U, DLA3000RMI2U, DLA3000RM2U, DLA3000RMT2U, SUA2200R2ICH, SUA2200R2X106, SUA2200R2X147, SUA2200R2X180, SUA3000R2ICH, SUA2200RMUS, SLA3000R2IX322, SLA3000R2IX38, SLA3000R2X145, SLA3000R2X180, SLA3000R2X401, SLA3000R2X428, SUA3000RMUS, SUA300RMJ2UB, SUA300RMJ2UB3W, SUA300RMJ2UBOS3, DLA2200RM2U, SUA3000R2X180, SUA2200RMI2U, SUA3000R2X145

We here at High-Tech Battery Solutions offer two different types of RBC43 replacement batteries, the APC RBC43 Battery Replacement Kit and the ABC RBC43 Battery Cartridge. If you have already been to the product pages or ran a simple search for the keyword “RBC43” on our site then the first thing you probably noticed is the price difference between the products. Let me take a minute here to explain exactly why there are two different price levels and what positives and negatives are associated with each, the first of which is going to be the APC RBC43 Battery Replacement Kit.

The APC RBC43 Battery Replacement Kit

The APC RBC43 Battery Replacement Kit is a battery kit that we have put together that enables the end user to actually remove and replace the internals of the RBC43 battery cartridge currently residing in their UPS. The APC RBC43 battery pack is comprised of eight (8) individual 12V 5AH SLA (sealed lead acid) UPS batteries that are connected together in series. These batteries are completely incased in a metal tray so as to look like one giant battery pack.

The RBC43 Battery Kit is a cost effective solution for replacing the cartridge, saving you anywhere from 40 to 60% off the price of an OEM APC replacement battery. We have even taken this battery replacement kit a step further and added a 12V 6AH upgrade option to the mix which gives our customers the opportunity for a longer run-time battery pack as well as an extended warranty.

This option is however not without its draw backs. The APC RBC43 Battery Replacement Kit will required around 20 to 30 minutes of your time in order to properly remove and replace the depleted batteries within the cartridge. We have set up a RBC43 replacement video for a visual tutorial. This option is also not hot-swappable, depending on the number of units being replaced some systems and data backup centers could be left open to power-outages during the changing of batteries.

The ABC RBC43 Battery Cartridge

The ABC RBC43 Battery Cartridge is a fully assembled RBC43 battery cartridge manufactured and shipped directly from American Battery Company (ABC). While this option is priced higher than the replacement kit, this is the preferred route of battery replacement for data centers, government entities, and medium to large size business.

There are several advantages to choosing the ABC RBC43 Battery Cartridge, the first of which would be the ease of installation. Like I had previously mentioned, the battery cartridge is already 100% pre-assembled prior to shipment. When the battery is delivered to your location, you can removed it from the shipping box and immediate use it to swap out your depleted RBC43 battery cartridge. Another great value of this option is the easy recycling processes that is incorporated into the price of the battery. Upon arrival of the new ABC RBC43 cartridge, you will also receive a pre-paid return label for the depleted RBC43 to be returned and recycled properly. You do not even have to acquire any new packing material, simply re-use the box and form fitting foam that was used to package the new battery and seal it up. The last major feature of the ABC RBC43 cartridge that stands out is the impressive two-year warranty. The standard APC RBC43 battery replacement kit we offer comes with a one-year warranty.

I hope that I was able to shed some sort of light on both of the RBC43 product offerings supplied through us here at High-Tech Battery Solutions. The choice ultimately comes down to the constraints of the end user - some are price point based, others are looking for the highest quality with the longest run-time, and others are looking for ease of installation. What ever your battery needs are, we would be more than happy to help your out. You can contact us online, or give us a call at 1-877-774-4381 to talk to a battery specialist today.