NorthStar Culture


With a mission to deliver reliable power to the world, NorthStar fulfills their obligation through every aspect of the company.


A transcript of NorthStar's Official video can be found below:

"Whether its innovative technology, delivering above expectations or lowering the cost of ownership and operations, NorthStar Battery Company hands down wins the race. NorthStar’s customers expect the best, not just batteries but service too and because they are the best they are used in Telecom power systems, uninterruptible power supplies and engine start applications in more than 120 countries around the world. Whether its Red, Silver or Blue battery range engine start or UBS, NorthStar has or can design exactly what you need.  In addition to batteries, NorthStar has introduced its new SiteStar battery cabinet the only high tech battery cabinet proven in the field. This cabinet is designed to cut energy costs by up to 80 percent. No matter what your power source your project relies on, a stable AC Power grid, an unstable hybrid genset or renewal energy like solar, NorthStar has a pure lead technology AGM battery designed to keep you up and running. The Pure Lead technology meets the need of a wide range of customers from commercial to marine to specialty markets. NorthStar's robotic assembly and state of the art plate farming process ensures the most consistent high quality built battery every time. With major operations in middle America, China, India, Sweden, Panama, South Africa, and Singapore, NorthStar can quickly and easily deliver reliable power to the world. Look for NorthStar battery on the internet at"

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