APC BP650S Battery Installation Guide

Hello and welcome back to High-Tech Battery Solution's official blog! Today I will be taking you through the steps to replace the battery in the Back-UPS Pro 650 unit.

The battery in this particular unit (BP650S) is located on the underside of the unit. Once the unit is turned over, you should see a metal latch secured by two screws. Once these screws are remove and the latch open, you will see the APC RBC4 battery. With the latch open, you will need to tilt the unit in order for the battery to slide out far enough to remove the spade connectors from the battery. Once the spade connectors are removed, the battery should just slide the rest of the way out of the unit!

Note - I did this install while the unit was still hooked up to the computer network (hot swappable). You are able to install an apc replacement battery in certain apc units, but not all. If you want to make sure you can do this while the unit is still up and running you should contact apc or whom every makes your backups unit to make sure!

The RBC4 replacement battery is a 12v 12ah heavy duty sealed lead acid battery. Once you have your BP650S replacement battery on hand, you simply slide the battery in just enough to hook up the spade terminal connectors and then slide the battery the rest of the way into the unit. Once the battery is all the way in, secure the metal latch and your up and running again!

Note Number 2: Every once in awhile I have a hard time getting the spade connectors to stick on the terminals when I slide the rbc4 battery the rest of the way in. To solve this, I put a one inch strip of foam double sided tape down infornt of the terminals (where the wires would be) and that does a pretty good job of holding them in place.


Till next time,

Richard Price

High-Tech Battery Solutions Inc.