What is an AGM Battery?

The term AGM is short for Absorbed Glass Mat, which is a specific manufacturing process utilized in the production of sealed lead acid batteries (SLAs). In the AGM manufacturing process, extremely thin glass fibers are woven together to form a glass mat separator that is placed between each lead plate. The glass mat plates allow for the even distribution of electrolyte over the entire surface area of its adjacent lead plate(s) due to its ability to hold acid. This maximization of electrolyte to plate coverage enables these batteries to far exceed the performance of conventional flooded lead acid batteries.

Every battery that is produced using AGM technology will fall into the VRLA category, or valve regulated lead acid. Through the use of AGM and GEL manufacturing processes, manufacturers are able to make a sealed maintenance free battery. These batteries have several advantages when compared to the typical flooded lead acid battery. The first of which is the maintenance free nature of the battery - you will not have the need (or the ability) to add any electrolyte to the battery. Due to the VRLA design, the battery is recombinant and will vent less gas than flooded batteries. These batteries can also be mounted in any position and function without leaking any electrolyte.