Motorcycle Batteries

Looking for a replacement motorcycle battery? We have 6V and 12V motorcycle batteries from top brands - including Deka and Harley Davidson - in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Battery

Well-maintained motorcycle batteries can last for several years. We recommend buying a new motorcycle battery every 3 to 5 years.

The first step in choosing a replacement motorcycle battery is to consult the handbook that came with your bike. The handbook should list the types of batteries compatible with your motorcycle model.

Although you know what brand and model your handbook recommends, you do still have choices:

  • Consider a maintenance-free motorcycle battery, so you never have to fill it or check fluid levels.
  • Choose an AGM battery if you don’t want to charge your battery often. AGM batteries are also great for periods of winter storage.
  • Upgrade options are often available for a majority of motorcycles on the market, these will be listed under the extended options tab on the product page.

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