APC BX900R Battery Installation Guide

In this article, I will be installing an APC replacement battery into the BX900R APC backups unit. The BX900R battery, which is commonly referred to as the RBC32 battery, consists of two (2) 12v 9ah sealed lead acid batteries. These sealed lead acid batteries are vent regulated and specifically designed for use in deep cycle applications such as backups systems.

Installing the BX900R battery is actually pretty simple as long as you follow this article:). To begin, you must first power the unit down and unplug it from the grid. In order to install this particular APC replacement battery, the unit most be unplugged from the outlet and off the computer grid (nothing plugged in) to avoid anything shorting out or a spike in amps.

The BX900R battery is located in the bottom side of the unit. In order to access the RBC32 battery, you must first flip the unit so you have access to the bottom. On the bottom there should be a removable plastic door which will slide off by applying pressure to the two clips which hold it in place. Once the door is off you should have a clear view of the RBC32 battery. Simply slide the battery out far enough to remove the first spade connector and continue to slide out till you can safely remove the second. Once the spade connectors are removed, you can now swap out your old BX900R battery with your own APC replacement battery!

In this walkthrough, I will assume that you have already procured your own RBC32 battery to replace the old in your BX900R unit. To install your APC replacement battery, simply slide the battery into the battery compartment far enough to connect your first spade connector and then the second. Once the pack is all the way in the back of the unit, the next and final step in your BX900R battery installation is to re-attach the plastic cover and bring the unit back online!



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