The NOCO G750 Battery Charger

The NOCO G750 battery charger is a plug-in and forget fully automatic 5 step battery charger and maintainer. The G750 is by far one of the most compact and versatile chargers in the enter NOCO wicked smart charger line. The G750 is designed for use with both 6 and 12 volt batteries ranging from 1.2 to 30 amp hours of capacity mainly found in power-sport applications such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, scooters ect. 


How Does the NOCO G750 Charger Work?

The NOCO G750 battery charger is more than just a simple straight line charger that pumps continuous amps into your battery, it operates using a patented 5 step charging cycle governed and operated by NOCO’s VosFx processor. The 5 step charging cycle is what makes the NOCO G750 an extremely efficient and reliable battery maintainer.

Step # 1 - Diagnostics
As soon as the G750 charger is connected to a battery, it will immediately begin to diagnose the current state of the battery. If the battery falls below the optimal charge level the NOCO G750 charger will begin step two of its charge cycle - If the the battery is determined to be fully charged then the G750 will then skip to the final step of its charging process in order to monitor and charger the battery as needed to maintain an optimal state of charge.

Step # 2 - Soft Start
If the battery connect to the NOCO G750 is below or falls below its fully charged voltage level then the soft start stage will be initiated. The soft start cycle is a very light charge mode the preps the battery to take (and absorb) the full charge administered in step 3. Depending on the size of the battery you are maintaining, simply hitting the battery fast and hard with any level of charge is not ideal for battery health and retaining the actual charge being administered.

Step # 3 - Bulk
The soft start charge phase paves the way for the bulk phase. In the bulk charge step, the full output of the charger is pumped into the battery at a constant rate until the battery reaches 90% of its capacity. During the bulk phase, the NOCO G750 is constantly monitoring the voltage of the battery in order to determine where the battery stands in regards to its charge level.

Step # 4 - Absorption
Once the battery has reached a charge level of 90%, the G750 will then begin the absorption charge cycle. This cycle will bring the battery the rest of the way (10%) to fully charged using a soft charge in order to reduce and/or eliminate any potential gassing from occurring. Gassing is the process in which the batteries electrolyte turns into a gas form and ‘evaporates’ out of the built in vents of the battery. This gassing process will reduce the amount of active electrolyte inside of the battery and thus cut down on its out-put power as well as its life span.

Step # 5 - Maintenance
If the battery connected to the NOCO G750 is at or has finally reached a fully charged state, the charger will then kick over to its maintenance mode. In this mode, the G750 will monitor that battery’s voltage continuously in order to asses if a maintenance charge is required. On of the nice things about this charger is that it will never over charge or damage your battery, it can be left in operational use indefinitely with no negative impact on your battery what so ever. If the voltage of the connected battery drops below 12.8 volts (for 12V) or 6.4 volts (for 6V) it will administer a small maintenance charge to bring it up to 14.4 volts (for 12V) or 7.2 volts (for 6V) as needed.

What Comes With The NOCO G750 Charger

  • The NOCO G750 Charger
  • Battery Clamp Connectors (Quick Disconnect Style)
  • Eyelet Terminals (Quick Disconnect Style)
  • Quick Start Guide

There is also a wide variety of handy NOCO charger accessories that will enable you to make a custom charging / maintaining solution feasible for what ever type of application you are working with.