How to Assemble An After Market RBC7 Battery Kit

How to Assemble An After Market RBC7 Battery Kit

This is a detailed guide to making the APC RBC7 battery pack yourself

The APC RBC7 battery may look like one giant battery, but it is actually comprised of two 12V 18AH sealed lead acid batteries. There are two primary methods to go about replacing your spent RBC7 battery, you can either purchase a plug and play setup from APC or an affiliate company or you can purchase the necessary batteries to make it yourself (and save around 50%). This article is geared towards those of you who have gone ahead and purchased the replacement kit, and are now looking for a few tips and tricks on how to assemble your RBC7.

What You Need Before We Begin

Double Sided Tape

Flat Head Screw Driver

Philips Head Screw Driver

Two 12V 18AH SLA Batteries

Your Old RBC7 Battery

Stripping Down the Old APC RBC7 Battery

In order to make your new RBC7 battery, you will need the hardware off of the old battery. I like to begin by using a flat head screw driver to pry up the black plastic covers on either end of the battery pack. These covers are held on by two strips of double sided tape, so they should not take to much effort. Once the plastic plates have been removed, you will have a clear view of how the two 12V 18AH batteries are connected. You will need to remove this hardware using the Philips head screw driver.

Once you have removed the plastic plates and the hardware for the battery we are ready to move on the actual assembly process for our new RBC7 battery pack. On a side note, it is recommended that you properly dispose of your depleted battery pack properly instead of throwing it away in the trash. You can contact us via the Contact Us tab above for more information.

Assembling the RBC7 Battery

Alright, it is now time to begin the assembly of your new RBC7 battery! To begin, you need to place two to three strips of double sided tape along the TERMINAL side of the battery in order to stick them together like the previous set. Once the tape is on tight, peal back the other side and push your two 12V 18AH batteries together with the terminals facing in. It is extremely important to have the terminals of both batteries facing each other (terminals pointed in) in order for the hardware to hook up properly (you can look at your old pack for reference if need be).

Once the batteries have been taped together to form a large square, it is now time to install the hardware on either end of the battery using our Philips head screw driver. I always like to begin by putting the plug on first, and then the fuse. This method guarantees that there is no potential for a spark when you are putting the nuts and bolts together for the plug end - which can be a bit tricky compared to the fuse. Make sure that your connections are pretty tight - the more flush the hardware is with the battery terminals, the better connection and power they will produce.

After the hardware has been installed onto your 12V 18AH batteries, it is now time to place the plastic covers on the battery pack. When doing this, I typically peal off the old double sided tape that is still on the plastic plate and replace it with some brand new strips. This will ensure that our two plastic plates will not come loose during the installation of the RBC7 battery into your APC unit. Once the plastic pieces are in place, you are all set! Congratulations on making your own RBC7 battery!