Car Battery Chargers to Extend the Life of Your Battery

When your car battery is dead, or hibernating during winter, there are a variety of devices you can use to get your vehicle moving again. Car battery chargers are not only the best choice for reviving your vehicle as quickly as possible, but also for avoiding a dead battery in the first place.

High Tech Battery Solutions has a large selection of chargers and car battery maintainers from top brands such as CTEK, NOCO, and Deltran to power any type of car, SUV or truck battery.

There are multiple sizes and uses for you to choose from when selecting an auto battery charger. We recommend the CTEK, NOCO and Deltran brands because they’re portable car battery chargers and can be used on other equipment as well, from your boat, ATV, motorcycle, and all the way to your riding mower.

Car Battery Chargers FAQ

What's the difference between car battery chargers and jump starters?

A car battery charger plugs into an outlet and converts electricity into current to charge the battery. Most car battery chargers double as maintainers, meaning they keep your car battery fully charged while not in use.

A jump starter quickly starts a battery, so you can power on your vehicle. The battery then relies on the vehicle’s charging system to recharge it.

How can I check the health of my current car battery and determine if I need a charger or a new battery?

Some products, such as this CTEK car charger, provide battery testing and charging capabilities. The CTEK car charger has easy to use programs to test battery voltage, start power and alternator performance, providing you with a complete picture of both battery AND vehicle charging system health.