Telecom facilities are a critical part of our country's infrastructure. Telecommunication, (telecom) systems are transmission facilities that enable the exchange of data in electronic form including voice, data, and images. Examples of telecom systems are the telephone network, the radio broadcasting system, computer networks and the internet.


Telecom systems are critical to business operations and are protected from power outages by commerical UPS battery backups. Telecom batteries are larger capacity units with high durability, long cycle life, and the ability to discharge at a high rate. This style of battery is availabilt in VRLA, flooded, or Li-Ion chemistries.

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Leoch Telecom Batteries

Leoch battery is one of the top 3 largest producers of VRLA batteries in the world and has perfected the use of advanced automated technology for precise casting, mixing, and formation in their Telecom battery series.


- High Rate Pure Series

- Pure Lead + Carbon Series

- Front Terminal AGM Series

- LIFEPO4 - LFELI Series

- Leoch SDS Sheeets


Deka Unigy Batteries

Deka Unigy is a high quality USA based manufacturer of both data center batteries and telecom batteries. Major telecom providers across the globe utilize their batteries in industrial UPS battery backups due to their excellent build quality and high reliability.


- Top Terminal Monobloc Series

- Front Terminal Series





C&D Technologies Batteries

C&D Technologies has been producing batteries for over 100 years and has pushed the boundaries of the battery industry with their R&D efforts. They have a total of 26 different C&D battery lines including nano carbon and pure lead.


- High Rate Max Front Terminal Series 

- High Rate Max Top Terminal Series

- Pure Lead Plus Series

- TEL Front Terminal Series

- TEL Long Duration Series



Telecom Battery Types

The most common telecom batteries used in the industry today are either flooded or valve regulated lead acid (VRLA). The three widely used branches of the VRLA cateogry are AGM, AGM Pure Lead, and GEL. We have written up a quick read about these different VRLA options as well the traditional flooded batteries.

UPS Battery Installation

We offer a full UPS battery replacement service with end to end logistics. A team of dedicated installers and laborers will handle the installation of new batteries and the removal and recycling of the spent cores. Contact us for a quote today!

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Made with Deka Unigy's exclusive IPF technolgoy the HR3000 battery optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability.

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The EnerSys SBS-190F is made with thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology allowing for better resistance to heat and a super fast recharge cycle.

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The Leoch LPF12-100A series incorporates advanced VRLA technology desgined for superior high-rate performance in UPS and power quality applications.

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Designed with pure lead paste combines with C&D's premier no leak AGM technology the UPS12-300MR has an expected life span of up to 10 years.

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Introduction to C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies is an industry leading battery manufacturer that serves the telecommunications, utility, uninterruptible power supply, cable, and broadband renewable energy markets. The C&D company has been producing batteries for over 100 years and is well known in the industry for building high quality and extremely reliable products for industry specific applications.

What Are The Different Types Of Telecom Batteries

The role of a telecom battery is to provide power to critical infrastructure in the event that a grid failure happens. The batteries typically provide enough power for a facility to operate for 10 to 15 minutes until a secondary set of generators kicks on and takes over power generation. The batteries are then re-charged and ready to go in the event of another grid failure. Telecom batteries are designed to be deep cycle with a high rate discharge capability and come in a variety of sizes for different configurations.

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