CTEK MXS 5.0 Charger FAQ 


Question: The (!) light is illuminated
Answer: There are a few different reasons that could result in this light popping on. Reverse polarity - make sure that the positive and negative battery clamps are connected correctly and directly to the terminals of the battery if your using a CTEK accessory that is permanently mounted to your battery then make sure the connection is correct and tight. Outside Drains - There are loads being put on the battery which require more power than the charger can provide. Bad Battery - disconnect the battery from the charger and then reconnect. Pay attention to the light display, if the charger does not make it past the first light before it errors out them there is an internal issue with the battery itself. If the charger lights up to the fourth stage and then errors out after several hours then the battery is unable to retain (keep) the charge its receiving and will also need to be replaced.

Question: The (!) light is blinking
Answer: The charger is either not connected to a battery, or the battery voltage is too low for the charger to engage.

Question: The charger never gets to its eighth light
Answer: You may not catch the charger in its eighth stage, the charger will engage and then disengage this stage as needed. If you catch this light on then it means the charger applies a small trickle charge to your battery in order to get it back within optimal maintenance range. Most customers will only catch their 4.3 models in the seventh stage which is perfectly acceptable.

Question: When should I use the recondition mode?
Answer: You should recondition your battery once per year and/or after a deep discharge where the battery was run all the way down (i.e. you accidentally left the lights on). Using this mode properly will maximize lifetime and capacity.

Question: When all of the lights are lit up on the CTEK MXS 5.0 charger and I change the charging mode the unit goes back down to only the fourth stage light, is this right?
Answer: Yes, this is perfectly normal. Keep in mind that every time you change the charging mode - lets say from the car symbol to the snowflake symbol - the charger will re-set its algorithm and run the battery through it once again starting from stage one. Since the battery was already fully charged in this case the charger will move past the fourth stage much quicker.

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