Which XS Power Should I Get?

XS Power has (currently) a total of seven different product lines and a huge selection of accessories so finding the correct battery for your audio needs can seem a bit daunting. We here at High-Tech Battery have created a quick guide to help you select the appropriate XS Power battery for your application.

The first thing we need to do to narrow down your search is to be specific about what the battery will be used for. Are you looking for an upgrade of your existing starting battery? Are you looking for an auxiliary battery?

I need to replace my starting battery with an XS Power battery...

The first step here is to figure out the group size of the battery you currently have under the hood. Our favorite tool to use is the dekacatalog. This online battery reference tool is easy to navigate with their drop down style selector to find the correct battery for your car. Once you navigate to the correct battery, in the comments section you will find the group size noted by ‘OE Group’. You will also be able to see some other useful information, like to OE CCA rating which you can compare to the XS Power series.


In this example, the OE group number is 49. Note, you will also be able to see what the original CCA rating of the battery in your car was direct from the factory. You will find XS Power batteries will surpass all of the OEM specifications for an overall stronger battery.

For a drop in replacement for your main starting battery it is ideal to select an XS Power battery that is the same group size - this will ensure the dimensions are the same. We have compiled a group size list below:

If you do not see your group size above then please email us, one of our battery specialists will find a solution for your vehicle.

Note: The D series AGM batteries come standard with threaded inter style terminals. If your putting this under the hood then you will need the SAE brass posts to give it the standard automotive style terminals needed to attached your battery cables.

I’m looking for an auxiliary battery...

You will have a much wider selection for auxiliary battery options including size and chemistry since you are not confined to the dimensions of the starting battery. The main number that will determine what you need it the RMS rating of your entire system. Once you have the RMA rating then you can begin browsing the XS Power batteries based on the wattage level supported.

XS Power has two radically different options available for strictly auxiliary batteries - their AGM series and a super capacitor line. The AGM series leans more toward the cost effective side, but has limited wattage support and is a physically heavier battery.

AGM Series

SuperBank Capacitors

If your not familiar with a SuperBank, check out our quick supercapacitor intro. The super banks are extremely lightweight and able to produce a great deal of power and re-charge extremely fast. Superbanks are used as a secondary battery option in cars with high wattage subs and helps to eliminate voltage drops when they hit.

We hope that this quick guide has helped you narrow down your search for the correct XS Power Battery. If you need any help with selecting or even comparing one battery to another then please do not hesitate to let us know!