(UPG) - Universal Power Group

UPG Battery Replacement

A Universal Power Group, or UPG, sealed lead acid battery from High-Tech Battery Solutions is completely sealed and maintenance free. They are made with AGM technology for superior performance. These UPG batteries feature valve regulated spill proof construction, a rugged plastic case and cover and are CE certified. Plus, all UPG battery replacements purchased from High-Tech will include a one year warranty directly through us. Quantity discounts are also available for our UPG batteries, simply click on the Contact Us tab at the top right hand corner of our page to request a quote.

Down below we have broken the UPG batteries cross-reference down into different classifications based on each specific model. If you need any assistance finding the correct UPG battery replacement, you can contact us online or call us toll free at 1-877-775-4381 to talk to a battery specialist today.