Deka ETX Series

Deka ETX Batteries

Browse our catalog of 12-volt Deka ETX replacement batteries

We know that choosing the right battery can influence your overall riding experience. That’s why we’re proud to carry high-quality OEM Deka batteries with:

  • Sealed AGM technology arriving ready to install
  • Free 1-year replacement warranty
  • Faster recharging than most motorcycle batteries
  • Made in USA quality

The lightweight Deka motorcycle battery is an affordable alternative to many OEM parts. The quality build makes this battery great for so much more than your motorcycle, including larger sport bikes and ATVs, because the battery’s case is made to endure both harsh temperatures and rough vibrations.

A natural choice for larger bikes such as Harley-Davidsons, the Deka battery cranks more powerfully and supplies more power for lighting and other accessories.

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