Power Wheels Battery: Top 5 Questions


We have compiled a list of the top 5 Power Wheel related questions that we typically get asked here by various customers. Of course there are a ton of other questions that we get asked, so if you do not see your question list and answered here please feel free to reach out to us via the contact us page up top.

How can I tell if my Power Wheels battery is bad?

There are a few typical signs to watch for that indicate its time to replace your Power Wheels battery.

  • Reduced ride time (5 to 10 minute range) on a consistent basis.
  • The Power Wheels battery has been sitting unused for over a years time.
  • The battery has a crack in the case or has otherwise bulged out on each side.
  • The battery has a voltage reading of 10 or below

Now these are just the common signs that we see the most often, however we do have a more detailed article on how to determine if the battery is bad by using a voltage meter to test the voltage of the battery and charger. This article is useful in cases in which it is not clear weather the actual Power Wheels charger or the battery is bad.


Which Power Wheels Battery Do I Need?

There are two different ways to go about selecting the correct Power Wheels battery for your application. The first and easiest method would be to match the color of your old battery to one of the new ones on our site. Power Wheels has always color coded their battery replacements over the years to make getting the correct battery extremely simple. Even if the old part number differs from the new part number, the battery will be the same exact fit as long as the color matches.

The alternative method to the color coded way is to run the actual model number of the Power-Wheels toy. The model number of the toy is typically found in the battery compartment on a white sticker under the heading of model number. Once you have this model number you can either contact us online or toll free at 1-877-775-4381 to get a representative to find the correct battery for your application. This method is extremely common for folks that pick their toys up without the original battery inside of the unit.

 Power Wheels Red 6V Battery   Power Wheels Blue 6V Battery   Power Wheels 12V Battery 
 Red 6V 9.5AH Battery  Blue 6V 4.5AH Battery  Grey 12V 9.5AH Battery

What is the proper way to charge this Power Wheels battery?

There are a lot of different beliefs out there on the best way to use and maintain your Power Wheels battery by “experts”. What it really comes down to is basic math with a bit of memory added in. The following chart is the precise charge time required for each color battery assuming that the battery has been run all the way down.

Battery Model Hours Using Standard Charger Hours Using Fast Charger
Grey P.W. Battery 9.5 3
Red P.W. Battery 10.5 N/A
Blue P.W. Battery 13 N/A
Green P.W. Battery 10.5 N/A

In terms of when to charge up your Power Wheels battery, it depends on the usage of the toy. If the toy has only been in use for five to ten minutes, and you know that they are going to use the toy again soon it is recommended to hold off on charging the battery. The reason being is that each of these small batteries has a limited amount of cycles in it, and once that limit is reached the capacity or ability to hold a charge within the battery will begin to drop off.

What is the correct charger for my Power Wheels?

Selecting the correct charger for your Power Wheels battery has never been easier. Each one of our chargers here is labeled with what color of battery it will work with. For example, one of our most popular models is the 12V Power Wheels battery charger that is compatible with the grey color batteries - the product is called Power Wheels 12V Grey Battery Charger. 

How long should my Power Wheels battery last?

The average time that we get here from customers varies between 45 minutes to a full hour. Now this depends on a ton of different variables to actually predict how long the battery will last including the terrain, rider weight, high or low gear, and the wear and tear of the tires. We have had customers that experience very long run times, and others that hit the hour mark dead on both using new batteries.