Will My Razor Scooter Battery Charger Work With Upgraded Batteries?

This is a question that a lot of customers ask us when considering purchasing and upgraded razor scooter battery kit. The upgraded razor scooter battery kits that we have listed here on our site are all compatible with the OEM razor chargers. The key that enables these batteries to compatible with the OEM chargers is the voltage of the battery pack.

When ever a customer is looking to upgrade any razor scooter battery, it is imperative that the overall voltage of the battery pack remain the same. For example, a Razor E300 scooter runs a 24 volt set up - two (2) 12V 7AH sealed lead acid batteries wired in series to create a large 24V 7AH battery. The upgrade that we offer for this particular scooter is a 12V 9AH battery set. The voltage of the assembled pack will remain at 24 volts, however we have increased the amp hour of the pack by two. By increasing the amp hour rating of the battery, we enable the scooter to run longer off of every charge.

On a side note, whenever you raise the amp hour rating of a battery pack and continue to use the OEM charger - it will take a bit longer to fully charge up the application. In the case of the E300 scooter, the upgraded razor scooter battery will need an addition one to two hours of charge time in order to reach a state of full charge.