12-Volt Battery Chargers and Trickle Chargers

Motorcycle trickle chargers are designed to be left on your bike for long periods of time to maintain the battery’s charge. During the winter months while your motorcycle sits unused, the trickle charger slowly adds charge to the battery, ensuring that it does not lose its charge and that its ready to go in the spring when you are.

Using a trickle charger for your motorcycle is easy. One amp trickle chargers are best for motorcycle batteries and other small vehicles, such as golf carts. Two amp (6V or 12V) trickle chargers provide the convenience of multiple battery connectors, so you can charge not only your motorcycle, but also your lawn mower and ATV.

Find the right motorcycle battery charger to maximize the life of your bike's battery

There are a variety of motorcycle battery chargers to choose from, including CTEK, NOCO and Deltran. To find out more about which of these brands will best suit your needs browse the product pages below, or call us toll free at 1-877-775-4381 to speak with a battery technician.