APC SUA750 Battery Installation Guide

Hello and welcome back to high-tech battery solutions blog! Today I will be going through the motions of installing the apc replacement battery RBC48 into the Smart UPS 750 backups unit.

The first step is to remove the plastic face plate of the unit. Once the face plate on the backups unit is removed, you will see a metal latch secured by two screws towards the top of the latch. Once the screws are removed, you are now ready to remove the RBC48 battery. The RBC48 battery pack can just be pulled out of the unit as a whole.

When you remove the battery from the unit, you will notice that there are no wires connected from the unit directly to the battery's positive and negative terminals. Instead there is a plug hooked up to either end of the battery that rests between the two batteries in the center of the pack. When assembling your own RBC48 replacement battery, you need to make sure you duplicate the pack exactly as shown.

Note - I used double sided tape to hold the two (2) 12v 7.5ah batteries (SUA750 Replacement Battery) together. Also make sure there is no corrosion on any of the spade connectors. Check not only the connectors for the plug on the end of pack, but also for the fuse.

Once you have your RBC48 replacement battery fully assembled, all you need to do at this point is simply slide the pack into the unit and button it back up. Your all set to go!


Till next time,

Ricky Price

High-Tech Battery Solutions