TRIPP-LITE UPS BATTERIES


Tripp-Lite has long been the go-to brand for reliable, power protection and UPS systems designed to provide sustained backup power in the event of a power outage. Recently, Tripp-Lite was acquired by another leader in the Uninterruptible Power Supply space: Eaton, combining their worldwide supply chains and expertise to create one of the best UPS backup brands available today.

One of the most important aspects of ensuring your Tripp Lite system remains operational is regular battery maintenance. Most UPS systems require battery replacements every three to five years depending on usage and environmental factors. Failure to replace aging batteries can lead to reduced performance or even a complete failure of your system at critical moments when you need it most.



High-Tech Battery Solutions offers premium, high-rate discharge SLA AGM batteries specifically designed for Tripp Lite BackUp UPS systems. These replacement batteries are optimized for both performance and reliability, providing superior protection against power disruptions while extending the life of your system. With our selection of replacement Tripp Lite batteries, you can be sure that your electronic devices will remain safe from any unexpected outages or surges in power. Don’t take a chance with your critical applications – ensure you are protected from unexpected power outages and contact High-Tech Battery Solutions for all of your Tripp Lite battery replacement needs.



Battery Type: Offering the highest quality premium sealed lead acid AGM units available for the Tripp-Lite UPS is a must; our units are noted for their high-rate discharge capabilities, meant to be cycled constantly by your UPS


Voltage Requirements: Differing Tripp Lite UPS systems will require select voltages, ranging from 12V to 48V systems
Warranty: We offer a full two-year free replacement warranty for ALL Tripplite UPS replacement batteries.




This kit is comprised of high-rate discharge batteries specifically designed for use in UPS back-up systems. These are not general purpose 12V 7AH batteries sold by most battery retailers, this kit is comprised of OR-1270HR AGM HR series SLA batteries.


The Tripp-Lite Smart series SMART1500LCD unit requires the OR-1290HR battery replacement. The Tripp-Lite SMART1500LCD battery kit consists of two (2) 12v 9ah sealed lead acid batteries which match the OEM SMART1500LCD battery specifications.


The Tripp-Lite OmniVS series OMNIVS1000 unit requires the RBC3 battery replacement. The Tripp-Lite OMNIVS1000 battery replacement kit consists of two (2) 6v 12ah sealed lead acid batteries which match the OEM OMNIVS1000 battery specifications.