Upgrading the RBC7 APC Replacement Battery Kit

Hello and welcome back to High-Tech Battery Solutions blog! For today’s blog post, I will be discussing the option for upgrading your RBC7 APC replacement battery. By choosing this option, you will give your APC battery backup unit approximately 24% more run time than the standard RBC7 replacement battery that came OEM with your unit.

Te begin, let me first define exactly what the RBC7 replacement cartridge is. The RBC7 battery is not actually a single battery, it is comprised of two batteries wired together to form one large twenty four volt battery. The two batteries that are used by APC (OEM) are 12 volt 17 amp hour sealed lead acid batteries. These batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free.

Here at High-Tech Battery Solutions, we currently offer a 12 volt 21 amp hour upgrade for the RBC7 APC Replacement Battery. You will have to construct your own RBC7 battery, but this will only take two strips of double sided tape and five minutes of your time. The upgrades are still below the manufacturers RBC7 APC Replacement Battery standard price, and will provide more back up time for your PC or sever!