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Choosing the Right Battery Technology

When replacing your motorcycle battery, choosing the right technology can make all the difference in how your motorcycle starts and rides. The technology you choose will also affect the amount of maintenance you must put in. Listed below are different types of battery technology and their respective advantages. If you have questions specific to your bike, call us at 1-877-775-4381.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries


  • Up to 80% weight reduction
  • Better cranking
  • Avoid sulfation
  • 5X the life of a Lead Acid Battery

Recommended Battery: Deltran Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Recommended Charger: Deltran Battery Tender Lithium Jr.

AGM Motorcycle Batteries


  • Spill-proof and leak-free
  • Arrive fully charged and ready to go
  • Durability
  • Higher CCA rating than conventional flooded models

Recommended Battery: Deka ETX AGM Battery

Recommended Charger: NOCO G3500

Flooded Motorcycle Batteries


  • Better capability to recharge after bad drain
  • Long shelf life (when not activated)

Recommended Charger: Deltran Battery Tender Plus 12V