Belkin F6C750-AVR Battery Installation Guide


Hello and welcome back to High-Tech Battery Solution’s information section. This guide will focus on installing the RBC2 battery into the F6C750-AVR battery backup unit manufactured by Belkin. The installation itself is pretty simple, but I will go into detail regarding every step of the Belkin battery installation process - from removing the battery to installing the new battery.

The RBC2 Battery

Before we begin, you will need to purchase yourself an RBC2 replacement battery. There are a lot of different batteries out there that all claim they are the best. The two brands that we have years of experience with are UPG and PowerSonic battery. For this installation we will be using the UB1280 battery (manufactured by UPG) - which is considered an upgrade due to the 8 amp hour rating of the battery versus the 7.2 that comes standard with the unit. 

Removing The Old Belkin F6C750-AVR Battery

Before I begin opening the battery compartment of the Belkin unit I always like to make sure that my unit is unplugged from the power grid - just to avoid any possibility of getting shocked. Once the unit is powered down and unplugged, then its time to begin removing the spent Belkin battery. To get access to the battery, you will first have to remove the small plastic panel that is located on the back of the unit. This plastic panel is secured to the frame of the Belkin by two small pressure clips at the very top of the panel. There will be a bit of plastic sticking out of each clip that allow you to press down on and remove the panel. Once the panel is removed, you should have a clear view of the Belkin F6C750-AVR battery.

To remove the battery, slide the battery out of the unit just far enough to be able to get a grip on the spade connectors that lead from the unit to your RBC2 battery. Once you have access to the wires, you can go ahead and remove the positive wire first and then the negative. With both wires removed from the RBC2 battery, you can pull the battery the rest of the way out of the Belkin’s battery compartment

Installing the New Belkin F6C750-AVR Battery

With the spent RBC2 battery up and out of the way, its time to begin installing the new one. To begin, pick up the new RBC2 battery by the terminal side of the battery and slide it into the battery compartment about half way or so. Sliding the new Belkin battery half way into the battery compartment should leave you adequate room to hook up your positive (always hook up the positive first!) and negative cables to the terminal of the new RBC2 battery. 

Once the new Belkin battery is wired up, its time to slide the battery the all the way into the battery compartment and replace the plastic panel. When putting the panel back on the unit, make sure to apply adequate pressure to snap the pressure clips back into place. You can now plug your unit back into the wall outlet and boot it up. It should run through a quick self-load test and be back to full operating capacity!