Purchasing Your First Odyssey PC680 Battery

Purchasing Your First PC680 Odyssey Battery

So, you are thinking about making the change from the conventional or AGM version of your specific motorcycle battery to the Odyssey PC680 battery. There is no doubt that the price of the PC680 compared to the typical run-of-the-mill motorcycle battery is quite a bit higher, but there a ton of benefits from choosing the PC680 battery. To begin this discussion, I will be explaining how the Odyssey PC680 battery is designed and how it is different from the typically high-performance motorcycle battery.

The Design of the Odyssey PC680 Battery

There are several unique characteristics found in the Odyssey PC680 battery that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The most important of these have to do with the construction of the lead plating system.

  • Dual Purpose
    • The intricate design of the Odyssey PC680 battery enables the battery to provide an extreme amount of cold cranking amps coupled with true deep-cycle abilities. The PC680 battery can be drained down to 80% of its capacity and charged back to full capacity without damaging the internals of the battery. EnerSys’s (the producer of the Odyssey brand) trade mark for their entire Odyssey power sports line is that their batteries will produce twice the amount of normal cold cranking amps and last three times longer than the average AGM battery.
  • Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) Technology
    • The Odyssey PC680 battery is designed using TPPL technology which is an abbreviation for into thin plate pure lead. Under this method, the plates are extremely thin - allowing for better oxidation and more lead plates per square inch. Each plate is measured for specific thickness and weight prior to installation into the battery to ensure consistency and quality. The lead used to make every plate in the Odyssey PC680 battery is also 99.99% pure virgin (brand new) lead.
  • Unique Intercell Connectors
    • Intercell connectors are what connects each individual cell of the battery together to form the correct voltage. Whenever power is drawn from the battery, it must pass through each intercell connector until it reaches the terminals of the battery. Due to the nature of power sport applications, these connectors must be able to hold up against abuse in the form of vibrations and impacts. Typically these connectors are small, and often overlooked in favor of reducing the cost of manufacturing. The intercell connectors of the Odyssey PC680 however, have an entire manufacturing process devoted to them altogether. The intercell connectors of the PC680 battery are oversized and made of pure virgin lead - topped off with a clean plasma weld to hold them in place and guarantee durability.

The Odyssey Difference

Odyssey battery has really set the bar on a new level in the high-performance battery market. The Odyssey PC680 battery will product twice the amount of cold cranking amps the typical sealed AGM battery would and also last up to three times longer in terms of overall battery life. The PC680 battery can last up to and beyond 400 cycles at up to 80% depth of discharge - meaning that this battery can be drained down to 80% of its full capacity and be charged back up with no damage 400 times. There is simply no other battery out in the marketplace today that can match the production quality of the Odyssey PC680 battery.