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EnerSys Battery provides reliable energy storage solutions for industrial UPS applications to help businesses keep their assets protected from power issues. Their products offer fast charge acceptance and the ability to repeat duty even in a partial state of charge, helping maintain uptime for critical processes across various industries. EnerSys also offers global sales and service support from initiation to end-of-life, providing businesses an effective solution for backup power needs.

Data centers rely on Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for backup power in an outage. With modern technology, generators can start up automatically or remotely and only need to provide up to 5 minutes of average power. Additionally, advances in cooling technology allow batteries to operate at higher temperatures, reducing energy consumption for air conditioning. We at High-Tech Battery Solutions are authorized Enersys battery distributors, offering the premium Enersys DataSafe line for your critical UPS applications!

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) market has seen significant changes in recent years and increased demand for batteries that can meet the unique requirements of modern critical UPS systems. The newest EnerSys battery brand was developed to address this need: the DataSafe battery series, which is based on the company's Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology but further optimized to meet the specific demands of today's UPS systems.

This new battery offers a range of features that make it uniquely suited to the modern critical UPS market. The batteries are designed to maximize reliability and service life with their high power density, lead-calcium-tin alloy plates, and flame-retardant UL94 case and cover. Additionally, their gas recombination technology allows for battery installation in cabinets or on stands near main equipment, reducing storage and maintenance costs while contributing to energy efficiency initiatives.

Combined with its unique features and optimizations, it's sure to provide users with peace of mind knowing that their systems are backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry. With the introduction of the DataSafe battery series, EnerSys is providing a purpose-built solution for modern critical UPS systems optimized to meet their unique needs.


DataSafe HX Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries from EnerSys offers an eco-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective solution for mission-critical power backup applications with advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology and high-grade materials to deliver superior performance and a 10-year life expectancy.


DataSafe XE series of TPPL technology batteries offer a cost-effective solution for modern critical UPS systems, providing reduced size, weight, and self-discharge rate while delivering long life and higher reliability in both top and front terminal model units.



EnerSys is the leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications and has developed the DataSafe HX Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery to reduce energy losses and operating costs. This series uses advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology and high-grade, high-purity materials to deliver outstanding features and benefits for mission-critical power backup applications. The increasing awareness of the impact of energy consumption on the environment has put pressure on decision-makers to invest in eco-friendly initiatives.


DataSafe HX batteries are the perfect solution for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable power source for their uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or IT applications. DataSafe HX batteries offer superior solutions for the UPS and IT markets, providing reliable power to protect vital systems. This Enersys VRLA battery series offers unique design features that maximize reliability and performance while ensuring excellent service life. They are also energy efficient, making them an ideal choice for the UPS industry as energy costs continue rising. DataSafe HX batteries feature superior performance with a 10-year life expectancy at 77°F (25°C). Plus, they come in 6 and 12-volt monoblocs so that you can find the right size for your needs. And with their flame-retardant UL94 case and cover meeting UL 1778 standards, you can rest assured that your Enersys DataSafe HX battery will provide safe and reliable power for years.

Enersys HX series top terminal batteries are designed for IT and UPS markets, offering reliable power to protect vital systems. Featuring gas recombination technology and unique design features, DataSafe HX batteries maximize reliability, performance, service life, and space utilization while reducing storage and maintenance costs.

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The DataSafe XE series of TPPL technology Enersys units provide a range of features and benefits that make them the ideal choice for your modern critical UPS systems. These batteries are smaller, lighter, able to handle multiple hits, and consume less energy than their conventional counterparts while providing longer life and higher reliability. Furthermore, they have a reduced self-discharge rate compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, meaning fewer issues with long supply lines to remote installations and inventory management.


The cost savings associated with the DataSafe XE battery series are genuinely significant! The lower purchase cost, less frequent replacement needs, reduced energy costs, and reduced care and maintenance requirements all add up to substantial savings over the lifetime of the battery string. Additionally, these batteries require less temperature control in their battery rooms, opening up new possibilities for where they can be located. Units in this series feature front terminal designs specifically developed for high discharge rate applications such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. These batteries offer space savings, simplified installation and wiring, maintenance, and the ability to scale to larger capacities.

The DataSafe® XE battery is optimized around discharges shorter than five minutes to reduce its size and weight while still providing long life even at increased operating temperatures. It also requires minimal temperature control in the battery room due to its low self-discharge rate, minimal gas generation and emission, and quick recharge time. Furthermore, this series provides users with a low long-term cost of ownership. For anyone looking for an efficient way to power their critical UPS system, the DataSafe XE series offers an unbeatable combination of performance and cost savings that is sure to meet any need!

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Lead acid batteries are a vital component of many industrial applications, and the gas generation rate within the battery can significantly impact the performance of these batteries. TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology from EnerSys has been developed to reduce the gas generation rate in lead acid batteries, which can help improve their performance and reliability.

The gas generation rate in lead acid batteries is heavily influenced by the purity of all materials used in cell manufacturing, including the electrolyte, lead oxides used to make active materials, and even any glass mat that absorbs electrolyte. EnerSys has established extremely high purity levels for all materials used in its TPPL products to ensure that gassing rates remain low.

Reducing the gas generation rate also helps reduce operating temperatures and float currents while reducing positive grid corrosion. This is because when less gas is generated inside a battery cell, there is less opportunity for oxygen and hydrogen from decomposition to react with other materials in the cell (such as grids or active material). If these reactions occur, it can cause self-discharge or grid corrosion - both conditions which significantly shorten battery life.

EnerSys's pure lead acid battery TPPL technology offers superior performance to other AGM designs by reducing the gas generation rate within the battery cell. This helps to improve battery life, reduce operating temps, and lower float currents - all of which are essential for reliable operation in industrial applications!

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