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Mission critical data center operations require constant uptime to ensure business continuity. In addition to maintaining high reliability standards, it is crucial to maximize battery life and reduce overall cost of ownership. This is especially important when considering replacement costs and downtime expenses caused by failure during peak usage seasons such as tax time or major sales events. C&D Technologies has the solution to all of these issues and more. With decades of experience in UPS power backup applications, C&D battery strives to support this sector with the best UPS battery backups available to date.

UPS batteries are designed for a very specific purpose, to provide short-term power for a data center or other critical facility in the event of a power outage. The batteries used in these applications are designed to be discharge at a very high rate and can be cycled up to 5,000 times before needing replacement. In order to provide these high discharge rates, the battery must have an extremely high energy density.

C&D offers a wide range of VRLA batteries specifically designed for the high-rate discharges required for UPS Standby Power Applications. Offering reliable, high energy density, VRLA solutions for every UPS application from large Data Centers to small individual systems to assure that your critical business systems run steady, consistent uninterrupted power!



The front terminal line are designed for UPS racks that are compact and vertical with many shelves. Front terminal batteries are tpyicall on the longer side (15"+) and very thin.


Top terminal batteries are typically referred to as monoblocks. The are more square or rectangle in shap with a threaded recessed terminal at either end of the battery.

                                    C&D DYNASTY UPS BATTERY FEATURES


C&D Technologies features patented innovation with its True Front Access series for Telecom and UPS applications. Other batteries on the market rely on standard manufacturing processes, placing the terminals through the top cover of the monobloc near to where they are connected to each cell. These models only offer side or front access to these posts, often requiring specialized connectors or cables in order to access them. C&D Technologies' Extrusion Fusion Weld technology allows a direct weld from each battery plate directly into their front terminal - allowing them to be accessed at any angle from either side of a rack or cabinet.

Designed specifically for a backup power supply where they will be stored on their side or back for extended periods of time. Allowing for increased electrolyte viscosity control along with enhanced corrosion resistance compared to vertical upright units allowing longer storage times between maintenance intervals without sacrificing performance when called into service again during an outage or power failure situations.


The C&D Ohmic Ring is an exclusive feature of C&D Technologies’ battery terminals that gives battery maintenance technicians an easily accessible location to conduct battery tests and measurements without the need to remove connectors. This improved access helps to speed up maintenance measurements saving valuable time and money by allowing technicians to test more batteries each day.

Easier & faster maintenance saving costs

Consistent measurements improve system reliability

This new innovation from C&D battery systems will help customers save both time and money by making it easier for their technicians to complete routine maintenance on batteries. The data collected from these tests will also be more reliable which makes it easier for customers to identify any potential issues with their systems - before they become problems.



C&Ds Advanced Energy Storage (AES) VRLA batteries utilize a nano-carbon blend that increases the surface area of the negative electrode plates, allowing them to recover from deep discharges. This high-tech recipe allows AES batteries to maintain predictable, reliable capacity even after years of service and thousands of cycles.

Nano carbon technology has been developed that delivers all the safety features and benefits at an affordable price. The nanocarbon material replaces standard graphite electrodes used in conventional designs and significantly reduces manufacturing costs without sacrificing performance or reliability!

                                                          C&D UPS BATTERY SERIES



C&D Pure Lead Plus Battery Series is designed for use in UPS power systems. The batteries feature pure lead plus grids that provides high performance and long life with low water loss. All pure lead components, not just the grid, provide longer battery life then traditional VRLA batteries on the market today without sacrificing energy density or reducing float current levels to extend service life even further over time. This allows C&D to offer up to 24 month shelf life as well as reduced maintenance requirements compared to other VRLA options on the market today!



The C&D Technologies PLP series batteries UPS grid design channels energy and reduces energy loss, giving the unit increased lifespans at higher ambient temperatures all while helpIng to meet sustainability goals. Engineered to run at a higher ambient temperature than standard VRLA batteries, offering reduced cooling energy costs, extended life - making it well suited for both indoor and outdoor UPS battery backup applications

Inclosed in a UL V-2 Polypropylene case is extremely durable and reduces water loss. Pure Lead Plus with MSE Technology combines pure lead raw materials with innovative manufacturing techniques to create a battery with the energy density and performance of a VRLA while providing the longevity and reliability of a VLA battery

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The C&D Dynasty High Rate Max AGM Batteries are specifically designed for your UPS Power supply and Telecom applications. They are the most efficient design available today, requiring no watering nor special charging protocols to achieve full lifecycle capabilities. They feature calcium-based electrolytes which greatly reduce gassing and grid corrosion while increasing battery life through enhanced thermal management properties. These batteries are designed with recombination process which recycles hydrogen gas back into water thus extending overall service life by reducing water loss due to outgassing at cell level.


These batteries are suited for Telecom applications as well as for use in UPS Technologies. This CDtechno battery series is designed for high rate constant discharge applications and are capable of delivering high power levels for short durations. They are often used for applications such as data centers, banks, hospitals, computer rooms, and for back-up power for telecommunications.

The C&D Battery AGM (absorbed glass mat) design allows for a true maintenance free battery that does not require watering nor special charging protocols to achieve full lifecycle capabilities. This is achieved through the use of special glass mats made from silica and coated with an active material which effectively stores the battery's electrolyte. These mats are filled with electrolyte and then laminated between the battery's positive and negative plates. The mat's structure allows for the free flow of electrolyte throughout the battery to the plates where it is consumed during operation all this allows these high rate batteries to achieve their full lifecycle capabilities!

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