How to Assemble the RBC32 Battery Pack Yourself and Save Money!

How To Assemble The APC RBC32 Battery Pack Yourself And Save Money!

This particular article focuses on how to assemble your own APC RBC32 battery pack.

Hello and welcome back to High-Tech Battery Solution’s Battery Information Center. In this article, I will be focusing on how to assemble an APC RBC32 battery pack. I will be giving an in-depth description of the entire assembly process, as well as a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

What You Will Need To Construct Your RBC32 Battery Pack

In a nut shell, the APC RBC32 battery pack is two 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour batteries on-top of one another and separated via a custom APC plastic holder. The particular batteries that make up the APC RBC32 battery pack are known as sealed lead acid batteries. These particular batteries are valve regulated and designed to be completely sealed, so as to allow the battery to operate to its full capacity in any position it is installed in.

In order to replace the batteries in your spent APC RBC32 battery cartridge, you will need the following items:

  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Two (2) 12V 9AH SLA Batteries
  • A Few Strips Of Wide (Packing) Tape

Disassembly & Re-Assembly of the APC RBC32 Battery

Okay now that you have all of the necessary items, we can begin to take apart your depleted RBC32 battery pack. To begin, we must first separate the two 12V 9AH batteries so we can remove and replace them one at a time. This can be accomplished by removing the two giant APC stickers from either side of the RBC32 battery pack. Once the stickers are removed, you will now be able to move the batteries around a bit and see how they are made to fit together via the grey plastic battery holder.

You are now ready to remove and replace the first 12V 9AH SLA battery of your RBC32 pack. To do this, lift up the top battery so as to see (and gain access to) the two spade connecters that run from the grey plastic tray to the battery terminals. This is where you will need to remember which wire (there are only two :) ) goes to which terminal. It is extremely difficult to hook this battery up wrong when replacing one at a time, but we have seen it done! Once you are positive about the wire configuration, it is time to remove the plastic spade connectors from the battery. The quickest (and least painful) way to do this is to use your flat head screw driver to push the plastic connector off of the 12V 9AH battery. After the depleted battery is removed, it is time to replace it with a fresh 12V 9AH. Simply set the battery terminal side down far enough towards the grey plastic holder to connect the two plastic spade connectors to the terminals of your 12V 9AH SLA.

Alright, with one side of the APC RBC32 battery replaced, you can then flip the battery pack over (holding both batteries when flipping) and follow the same instructions above. Once the two batteries in your RBC32 battery pack have been successfully replaced, it is now time to re-apply the two giant APC stickers to each side. As an added precaution, I always like to use a bit of packing tape and tape up each side of the RBC32 battery pack to make sure that it holds its shape for proper installation into your APC battery backup system.

Congrats, you have just assembled your own APC RBC32 battery pack at a fraction of the cost!