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NorthStar Automotive/First Responder Battery

NorthStar Battery Company manufactures a pure lead AGM battery for nearly all engine start applications including those in the Automotive and First Responder Emergency vehicle markets. NorthStar's Automotive/First Responder battery line is specifically designed for deep cycle applications and heavy duty requirements. By engineering the battery to be as efficient as possible, NorthStar managed to maximize the existing space and conductive surfaces contained within each battery case. The Automotive/First Responder line batteries are able to provide a continuous supply of reliable power in even the most harshest environments that applications may encounter. The CCA and Pulse Cranking Amp capacities that NorthStar batteries generate allow for unsurpassed reliability when called upon during high performance times and satisfy the most extreme engine starting demands. In terms, this means that NorthStar's AGM batteries prove most effective in dire scenarios where temperatures ranging below zero could be a catastrophic issue.
The pure lead acid materials incorporated inside each unit allow users to put constant strain on these batteries over time as seen most often within the Automotive and First Responder markets. Whether it is an ultra high performance vehicle or emergency response unit calling upon the best battery available, NorthStar's AGM battery line will be there at the ready.
By producing batteries with rugged housing and modern absorbed glass matte technology, NorthStar is able to provide a solution to nearly any battery application need. We're confident that NorthStar's Pure Lead Battery line will hold up to meet any and all demands that call upon reliable power on a regular basis.

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