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Vertex Standard Two-Way Radio Battery Replacements

High-Tech Battery Solutions carries replacement two-way radio batteries for all Vertex Standard two-way radios. Every Vertex Standard two-way radio battery replacement listed here is guaranteed for 18 months through High-Tech Battery Solutions, Inc. As you can see, we have listed our full product line of Vertex Standard two-way radio battery replacements below, there are two primary ways to locate the correct replacement battery for your application.

  1. You can scroll through our different product listings below this description to find the correct model of Vertex Standard radio. Each battery below is listed using the specific model number of the Vertex Standard radio it fits along with the voltage, capacity rating (mAh), and chemistry.
  2. You can type in your specific Vertex Standard radio model number in the search box in the upper right hand corner of our website. This will show you any battery that will fit that specific model and display it for you on one page.