CTEK Multi US 3300 Battery Charger

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12-Volt CTEK Multi US 3300 Battery Charger

What To Expect from the CTEK 3300 Charger

The CTEK Multi US 3300 portable battery charger (Part No. 56-158) is a versatile 12v battery charger in a compact format that makes it convenient and easy to charge and maintain all household vehicles. The special cold mode means that you can also charge during cold winters days without problems.

Uses and Compatibility

The CTEK Multi US 3300 Battery Charger can be used with 12v lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM, GEL and Ca).

Specs & Performance

Part # 56-158
Input Voltage AC 85-125vAC, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage Nominal: 12V
Efficiency HIGH 85%
Charging Voltage 14.4V / 14.7V
Charging Current 0.8/3.3A Max
Back Current Drain <1Ah Per Month
Ripple 2%
Ambient Temperature -4 F to +122 F
Type of Charger 4 Step, Fully Auto
Type of Batteries 12V Lead-Acid Batteries (Wet, MF, AGM, GEL, and Ca)
Battery Capacity 1.2-120Ah
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.5" x 2" x 1.5"
Insulation IP65 (splash and dust proof)
Certifications UL
Weight 1.1 LBS
Warranty 5 Years

The Multi US 3300 CTEK charger is perfect for car, vintage car, personal water craft, boats with one battery, boats with start & service battery, scooter, motorcycle, Quad/ATV, lawnmower, caravan, and tractors.

The CTEK Multi US 3300 portable battery charger includes two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.

Product Features

  • A Great All-Around Charger
  • Fully Automatic for Charging and Maintenance
  • Flexible for Different Battery Needs
  • Patented Desulphation Function
  • Compatible with Other Electronic Equipment
  • Made for All Weather Conditions and Situations
  • Designed for Safety
Read our CTEK Multi US 3300 Charger Review

A Great All-Around Charger

CTEK offers a wide range of NEW GENERATION battery chargers. Unlike old battery chargers, CTEK chargers are designed with a focus on simplicity, safety and flexibility. The CTEK MULTI US 3300 is the charger that every household needs. It is perfectly suited for motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers, jet skis and any other vehicle with batteries up to 120Ah. Simply connect it and battery problems are in the past.

Fully Automatic - For Charging & Maintenance

There is no need for any specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods; the MULTI US 3300 battery charger will take care it. Once switched to the preferred mode, the charger takes its own readings and then begins to charge the battery. Once it is finished charging, it will automatically switch to its maintenance phase - CTEK's patented pulse charging - arguably the most caring mode for a battery connected for a long time. Simply connect it to solve most battery problems from the past.

Flexible for Different Battery Needs

The CTEK MULTI US 3300 battery charger is specifically developed for different needs, vehicles and batteries. There is a choice between three different modes. The low current mode (the motorcycle icon) is perfect for smaller 12V batteries such as motorbikes, lawn mowers, jet skies, snowmobiles, etc. The higher current mode (the car icon) is for automotive or marine applications with larger batteries. Finally, an additional winter mode (the snowflake) is specifically aimed at charging and maintenance in cold weather. It is also perfectly suited for Optima Red Top batteries.

Patented Desulphation Function

Unused batteries lose their power and their life is shortened through sulphation. It is also more difficult to charge sulfated batteries. The MULTI US 3300 has a patented method for reconditioning sulfated batteries. The charger analyzes the state of the battery and, if possible, recovers the battery and its power.

Compatible with Other Electronic Equipment

Most vehicles today are equipped with sensitive electronic systems. Unlike less-sophisticated chargers, there is no need to disconnect the battery; the MULTI US 3300 is specially designed to not damage electronic systems.

Made for All Weather Conditions and Situations

The CTEK MULTI US 3300 is prepared to charge and maintain, no matter the weather, temperature or situation. The MULTI US 3300 charger is extremely robust and water and dust resistant (IP65 classification). The MULTI US 3300 is certified for use between -4°F and +122°F. In order to make things easier and more convenient, the Comfort Connect (eyelet terminals) can be permanently connected to the vehicle's battery.

Designed for Safety

All CTEK models are designed to consider the safety of the user. They are spark free, making the connection much easier and safer considering the gases batteries normally produce. The MULTI US 3300 is also protected from reverse-polarity connections and is short-circuit proof. A red light on the charger will simply indicate that the charging cannot begin until the user has connected the charger correctly.

4 Step Charging Process

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Do you have a question? You can contact us online or toll free at 1-877-775-4381 to talk to a battery specialist today.

Demo Video

The CTEK Multi US 3300 battery charger is CTEK's base line 12v charger, and is perfect for charging 12 volt batteries found in jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles, and lawnmowers, and vehicles.

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customer reviews

Total Reviews: 29

verifired buyer

  • Larry E.


    The CTEK battery tender was recommended by Ferrari. It works perfect. I don't need to buy a new battery after all.

  • David B.


    Only used it once but charged my battery w/o any issues. Worked exactly as advertised.

  • Scott


    I bought this unit because Porsche sells them, with high recommendations. I researched the unit, got the correct model and also purchased the cigarette lighter connector because a Porsche battery is no easy hookup.
    Worked great. The car had not been on the road for about 9 days. So it read the current battery charge and made appropriate top off then shifted to trickle as needed.
    One minor glitch was that I had ordered two units but only received one. One phone call got me an appropriate apology and then battery solutions got my other unit to my home in 5 days. Fair enough in my eyes...